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I’m so thankful you're here!

If I could see you in person, I'd give you a hug and say good morning! I say that every time I see people because not only is it always morning somewhere, but also because I really really WISH I was a morning person...

Doesn't it sound lovely? The idea of getting up early to accomplish my list of to-do’s, eat a nourishing and beautifully instagramable (is that a word?) breakfast, while running a marathon (all before the sun rises!) sounds like such a delightful fairy world that I will only ever dream about (from my comfy bed of course).

Maybe someday I'll be a morning person.

For now, I'll just stay under my lovely covers while snuggling my puppy and spooning my husband.

My little family

I married my Indian-dreamer-love in the spring of 2012 and we moved to Kansas City to start a new life together and be a part of our amazing church that we simply adore.

To make our move official, we bought a house in the most wonderfully friendly cul-de-sac with the best neighbors ever and adopted a rambunctious beagle puppy named Pixel who forces us to snuggle with her as often as possible.

Mary Jean made us parents on New Year Eve of 2017 when she joined the world (and almost doubled the amount of hair in our family!) and we’ve become those crazy parents who thinks our kid is definitely the cutest baby EVER in the history of the world.

We’re probably biased. But I’m ok with it. :)

My beginnings

I get my love of photography from my father, who succumbed to cancer in late 2016. He not only taught me everything I know about cameras and technology, but he became one of the most important subjects I’ve ever photographed. The legacy he left is deeply visible in the photos I was able to capture along his 7 year cancer journey, and they contain my most treasured memories of his life.

His life and death reminds me that if there ever was a reason to stop, remember, connect, and capture moments, it's for your family. 

Family as it exists in it’s messy and beautiful glory, not striving for perfection in every moment, but relishing in the reality that family is, in fact, home.

And home is where your heart is. 

I’m so thankful to be able to capture the real life moments of real families, and I’d be so honored to photograph yours!



Where I show you how bad I am at yoga, how I do my best to read lots of books, and why my
 puppy is the most adorable thing in the world. #biased #youvebeenwarned