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A delightful afternoon | Lifestyle family portraits

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One of my favorite things to tell families is, "Ok, now everyone tickle mommy!!"
It usually works quite well. :)
People ask me what I tell kids to make them smile...
I don't. 
I usually end up making a fool out of myself... and sometimes the kids like it. But sometimes they don't.
That's when I go to my backup plan: make mom and dad kiss. That usually gets a good reaction!
(From the kids that is...)
Sometimes my favorite kid shots aren't posed though.
It's the way the kids interact... and show their personalities.
And then I sneak in... camera in hand, to grab the shot.
...and the personalities. :)
This little guy stole my heart the moment he looked my way. And I must admit - I probably took more pictures of him then the other kids... (GASP! I know... I'm horrible...)
They LOVED to run... and I let them.
'Cause running kids smile.
Momma and her boys!
Daddy and his angel
(I told you!)
I was SO thankful the colorful leaves were still on the trees... cause it was gorgeous!
And it made for a delightful afternoon. :)