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All things wet and wonderful

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 I love rain.
 (Note about image below: This is my camera's image. I had nothing to do with it. I set it on the ground and pressed the shutter. Not bad for a camera, eh?)
The rain stopped before I could get some authentic raindrops. So I made my own.
Drip drip.
I went in search of natural drips. This is a natural drip.
This is not a drip - this is a spider web. And very artsy looking. My God is sooooo artsy. Can't you see the beauty?
This is a natural drip too. Even though I hate tomatoes.
Jesus is the best artist.
There's something about black and white rainy images that makes me sad. And discouraged.
But I'm so thankful, that in spite of life's drips....
I can have hope.

(Doesn't this picture just have hope written all over it?)