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Epic amazingness

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I know this word is over-used...



...but I'm using it anyway.


This family is epic.



Their smiles, their interactions, their giggles, their hugs...


(Their jumps...)

(Yes, she's in the air...)



I love them.



So when I need a really good shot for my portfolio...



Or two.... or twelve...



I call them.



It's literally impossible to take a bad picture of any of them.



How do you LIVE with such cuteness all the time??



It must be epically difficult.





To catch a kiss

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I've been working on school projects lately.



For my portfolio. Mostly families and kids. Interactions.



So I took this family to a park and shot them. In color. With the pretty light.



Makes my heart jump.



This little girl caught my attention from the beginning of the shoot.



She was camera shy. And couldn't be taken away from her mother.



So I sneaked in.



To catch the kiss.

In the cold with a cold.

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I have this family that I shoot....


They happen to  be related to me.

For some reason, they always get sick when I shoot them.

Last time, Andy was sick...

And this time, Becky and the girls were sick.

I guess I make them sick.

Or maybe the thought of pictures just makes them nauseous.

But whatever the case, usually... when we do pictures... it's cold.

Yesterday was no exception.

With noses dripping...

And cold cheeks....

We played.

And snuggled.

And tickled.

And lived.


In the cold.