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Faces of my family

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I'm taking a break from blogging professional pictures today.

Today, I miss my family.

So I'm blogging about them. (Sorry guys. )

I blog a lot about my parents and all that they've been through - but today, I miss my siblings. The sibs. My closest friends. Now, not all of my siblings live in the area... these are the ones I see on a weekly(and sometimes... if we're lucky.... daily) basis.

But first... a disclaimer: Guys, you all knew this was coming. I warned you.

Meet Brian.

He has a lot of faces.

And usually doesn't mind showing them off when I point a lens his way.

He seems pretty secure for himself.

My big brother. My best buddy. My partner-in-crime.

Meet Melissa.

The middle child.

The "special" one.

Like Brian...

She doesn't mind a camera or two pointed her way.

She must be used to it by now.


I haven't always been able to catch her best faces.

Meet Jose.

Mel's husband.

The "out-law".

The adopted brother.

He's warming up to the camera.

I'm working on it.

Someday... he'll let it all out. :)

Meet Becky.

The perfect mom.

She's ridiculously good looking...

Proud mom of two adorable children(three soon!)....

And laughs hysterically at birthday cards. (Did you see that card??)

More importantly - they're more than just names.

They're family.


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Once up on a time...

There was a dog named Mini.

But not just any dog...

Josh's dog.

Mini has floppy ears.

And a cute little nose.

And a sad face.

And by now... she almost has her owner completely trained in.

He's smitten.

You can view his other Mini here.