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Megan and Josh - Engagement Session

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Some people are cute.



Some people are photogenic.



Some people are super fun to be around....



And some people are in love.



And sometimes....



You get all four. In one couple.



And then I freak out. Because I love it. A lot.



Just ask Megan and Josh!

(I think I was a little too excited during the shoot...)



Frankly... hanging out with couples like that... kinda blows your mind.


(Look at that amazing mist!)


And then... you get light like this.






And then the magic happens.


All of a sudden...



There's this cute, photogenic, madly in love, adorable couple...



How can you NOT smile?




Doesn't it just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?




It's never too cold

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I know this couple.


They make me giggle.



Especially when they skip hand in hand.



And nuzzle in close.



With sparkly eyes...



And lots of flirting....



We played.

Yes. Me too.



And even though it was cold....




They figured out ways to keep warm.






'Cause it's never too cold to wear cute shoes.


Epic amazingness

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I know this word is over-used...



...but I'm using it anyway.


This family is epic.



Their smiles, their interactions, their giggles, their hugs...


(Their jumps...)

(Yes, she's in the air...)



I love them.



So when I need a really good shot for my portfolio...



Or two.... or twelve...



I call them.



It's literally impossible to take a bad picture of any of them.



How do you LIVE with such cuteness all the time??



It must be epically difficult.