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Cherish sincere expressions

Children, Family, PortraitAmanda MohinaniComment
Families are the bestest.

Especially families that love each other. 

I love telling families to interact, because that's when their personalities really come out.
Not that they were hiding before...

I did this fun family almost a month ago - and just got around to blogging them! Even though we got some super cute group shots, I find myself drawn to the candids. 
I love candids.

Candid is defined by Webster as: marked by honest sincere expression.
Sincere expressions. 

 Parents - watch your kids. Take mental pictures of their sincere expressions.

Kids - watch your parents. (Take notes, cause one day you'll be just like them!)

Cherish them. 

I don't intend to be sappy - God's just been teaching me a lot lately about holding on. And letting go. 

But most of all, cherish.

Cherish each other.