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Cool beans! - Family photo session

Family, PortraitAmanda MohinaniComment
This is my second family - the Stainer's.
Jim and Lori are the most in love couple I've ever seen. I love them!!
Brian and I grew up with Christy and Charlie... and our families have always been really close!
Christy is 6 months and 10 days older than I am, and Charlie is about 1 month older than Brian.
They came to up from southern Minnesota to do a photoshoot last weekend - and we had a blast.

They're always giggling. It makes me laugh.
Doesn't this picture just have "cuteness" written all over it?
They love their kids.
A lot.

When I was little, Jim taught me how to say "cool beans!". I've never forgotten, and it's still one of my favorite phrases! :)
Favorite number 2!!
They secretly love each other a lot. Secretly. :)

I try and get pictures with all my clients now, just for the memories!
Besties foreva.
This is the perfect picture for our relationship. It's usually how things go! :)
Ain't she gorgeous?
Thanks for coming all the way up to Delano; I love you guys! :)