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Day 1 | Camp Clearwaters!

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I take a lot of pictures, right? It's not uncommon for me to take hundreds of photos in one day. 
And... of course... after a week, that translates into thousands. Right?
Well, this year while I was counseling at Camp Clearwaters, I decided to limit myself. A little. I changed my camera to capture JPG instead of RAW, and tried to get all my exposures perfect the first time. The photos I'm about to show you are "straight out of the camera". 
I'm nervous. I hate showing my SOOC pictures.
Day 1.
Just kidding!! I was late to camp - and wasn't able to get there til the second day. Soo...... 
Day 2. 
Silly bandz! Silly bandz were all the rage this year at camp - kids got them for doing good things, and got some taken away if they complained or were mean. Yay for bribing kids! :)
Sonia... Sonia... what are they feeding you?
Brandon became my little brother for the week. "Little" brother....
Kate! :)
Self portrait number 1!
Prepare yourself.
The next few photos are of me.
Being tackled.
See? They like squishing me!

Those are my jeans.
Such respect for their counselor!
Ouch. "Not the camera!!"
But... No photographers were injured in the taking of these photos.
I get artsy.
Micah! :)
I LOVE patterns. Mmmm....
These girls were such cuties! :)
Waaaaay too adorable for their own good.
Go David!! :)
It was sooooo hot....
But the boys had great attitudes.... clearly. :)
"Be serious now! Noooo smiling!"
Self portrait number 2.
He had a rough week.
Love this girl! :)
Self portrait number 3!
Oh wait.
Wasn't I limiting myself?
And these are only day "1" photos...