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Day 2 | Camp Clearwaters

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I'm still posting camp pictures - bear with me for two more days! :) This year at camp, I tried to use one lens - my 1.4 50mm prime lens.  Using a fixed lens instead of a zoom was challenging, but I looooove the shots I got with it. So clear!
Day 3 at camp started with gorgeous light. As usual. 

Self portrait number 4!
Erin has gorgeous eyes.
David and I are now "engaged". Isn't he cute? :)
My cabin absolutely ROCKED!!
Dead snakes were in abundance.
So was crazy hair.
And towel togas.
And wheelbarrow races.
And water.
But mostly laughter.
Self portrait number 5!
Finley thinks she is a super hero.
Such an expressive little girl! :)

Self portrait number 6!

Finley was quite photogenic... Perhaps too much. :P

Enough of Finley... on to the "basketball" game!

Abby is all smiles. :)

Laughter was a reoccurring theme...

But naps were necessary for survival.

Why, yes! I stuff my children in buckets... don't you?

Aww... :)

Caught ya!

My girls were full of attitude... ow ow! :)

I love laughter...

Kim had one foot that was bigger than the other - strange, huh?


I'm almost done... One more day to go! :)