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Delano and country music | Senior 2011

PortraitAmanda Mohinani1 Comment
This is Jeff.
Jeff came out to Delano for his senior pictures last weekend.
We decided to be totally random and do pictures where I'd never done them... Delano apartment buildings!
Needless to say, it was super fun.
Except when they forced me to listen to country music.
And then I cried.
And protested.
Cause country music just needs to DIE! Preferably quietly.
Funny story with this picture - Jeff and I both saw all these strange locked up safes and loved how neat the pattern was.
So we went for it. 
Me likey.
Jeff was also sweet enough to bring along one of my good friends - Amanda Joy! :)
Ain't she perty?
(Oh, great... now the country music is rubbing off on me...)