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Detail shots

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I'm a detail shooter.
I love shooting little parts that make up a whole. 

Now, food. That's a different story. Still a detail, but oh, so yummy.
Mmmm.... food. 
These shots are from a wedding I shot recently. I was hired to shoot mostly the reception - people and detail shots. 
Most often, I feel like my detail shots are waaay more artsy than my wide shots. 
It seems like when you focus on one thing... all the other elements fall into place. 
Composition, color, focus. 
So next time you see one of my feet shots without any heads - don't scratch your head in puzzle-ment. 

Cause you've been warned. 
I'm all about face-less-ness.

Well. Not always....
My favorite shots include faces and details together.Or... Faces AS details. Faces. Details. Yup. I like both...
But mostly just life in general.