Amanda Joy Photography

Ella | 2011 Senior

PortraitAmanda MohinaniComment
Ella is adorable. I met her at Awana this past year, so when she contacted me about doing pictures - I was thrilled! We met downtown at the U of M campus; she loves funky architecture!

Ella is adorable.

She's usually pretty camera shy, but I convinced a few smiles out of her. :)
I love this one!
So, I have quirky ideas. A lot. Not all of them work all the time... but I go for it anyway! They randomly pop into my head. And it's weird. 
And scary.
As soon as I saw these bicycle racks, I just knew I wanted her inside them! I love the effect...
Those steps were scary! Ella only climbed them after I tested them out... 
Thankfully, no one died. :)
Thanks for letting me go crazy with you, Ella! I hope you like them. :)