Amanda Joy Photography

Heather and Matthew

Couples, PortraitAmanda Mohinani1 Comment
(This is me freaking out about how cute this couple is.)
(Quite literally... freaking out.)
I love people in love.
I love capturing the trust and honesty in relationships...
And this couple totally had it all.
Plus, they were amazingly fun. They even ran up this hill - just because I mentioned that it'd be "fun"! :) How awesome is that??
Matthew brought a flannel shirt. I LOVE flannel. A lot. :)
Heather was incredibly photogenic! I literally could not take a bad picture of her... the entire time! She was just glowing. :)
We laughed a lot.
And I made them cuddle a lot.
But I don't think they minded.
I can't wait to see what God does with them as they step into marriage...
Congrats, you two! :)