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I almost said yes. | Family photo session

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I love family sessions. I love coming meeting a family and capturing their personalities! Last week I had the opportunity to capture the Calcamuggio's personalities. What a blast we had!! :) From the moment I got there, to the moment I left, the kids couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear! I was even invited to stay overnight for a sleepover, which I actually considered.... for a moment.

'Cause how can I resist an offer from this sweet face?

Even Seth was absolutely adorable.  
Not to mention fierce.
 Kate was a complete ball of sweetness.... Complete with a complete mind of her own! :)
At least they get along... right?

I love moments like these.

Wow. This picture makes me want to get up in the morning.

This one describes them all so well.

Me? Feet pictures? What?

They painted their "barn" red just for our shoot!! I was soooo stinkin' excited! :)

I told them to interact. I LOVE the personalities that show in photos like these.

Like I said.... fierce.

The girly girls!

They asked for feet pictures!! A family after my own heart! :)

Daddy was sooo proud of his tractor!

With a family like this, and an invitation to stay overnight...

I almost said yes.