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Rachel and Jason - finally married.

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I've been ooing and aahing over this couple for 9 months.

Remember the fabulous couple I did engagement pictures for? You can view those photos here and here. Oh, and their guest book is here!
Well, the day finally arrived. I did a wedding.

Rachel and Jason have such a unique past together! Their whole day was filled with Jesus - from start to finish.

I started with details shots. Rachel's dress was GORGEOUS!! 

My favorite part about the morning was that Rachel was reading Isaiah 43. I love Isaiah 43.

And... her shoes were my favorite. I took waaaaay too many shots of them. :)

And we had a dance party. And it rocked. The thing about being the photographer is that you can bust a move (or two) and not worry about it being got on "film" forever. 

Work it, Rachel!

Rachel, you are gorgeous.

Add awesome hair by Becky, gorgeous make up by Cal, a beautiful dress by David's Bridal - and she was stunning. Inside and out.

The girls had an awesome time of prayer before Rachel and Jason saw each other for the first time.

First kiss after a month of waiting!

Then we moved onto the bridal party. The rockin' AWESOME bridal party.

Josh, my awesome second shooter, is a monkey. It was his idea of "fun" to climb to the top and get a great shot. Great shot gotten!

But I hope you have insurance, Josh...

The flowers were beautimous.


Mmmm. Indeed.

I made them kiss. A lot.

And then we hopped in the car. To cool down.

"Cool down". With this hot couple?

Even in the blistering heat, we wandered over to Noerenberg Gardens to get some gorgeous shots.

"What peace, what peace for those whose confidence is Him alone."


Their ceremony, hands down, was one of the most powerful marriage ceremonies I've ever witnessed.

"I'm getting married, mom!"

About to kiss... I LOVE that look.


Absolute bliss.

They had a desert reception - and it was delicious!

The speeches were hilarious. I laughed soooo hard...

The Lord had victory in their lives that night.

Finally married.