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Renee and Evan's Wedding - Simple. Beautiful. Joy.

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Remember this couple?
They're amazing.
I shot their wedding back in October, and have been drooling over their photos for the past couple days. I thought I'd share their story with you! :)
Renee and Evan are the most laid back couple I've ever met. Ever. Everything about their relationship speaks of love, commitment, love, loyalty and trust.... oh, and love too. (Did I mention love?)
Getting to know them over this past year has been awesome - I genuinely love meeting new people and hearing their stories! Especially when it includes beautiful people in love. (Kinda my favorite!) :) Here's the story of their day... 
I usually start out shooting details shots; make up, jewelry, shoes... (Gorgeous pearl earrings..)
 I was in love with Renee's hair. Short and sassy! :)
Josh (my trusty assistant) was doing his job well and got some awesome ring shots.
Their wedding was downtown Minneapolis - at the Millennium Hotel. What a GORGEOUS hotel!
Renee's father had passed away, so in order to remember him on her special day, Renee decided to carry both her father's ring and a piece of ribbon from her mom's wedding dress. Little touches like that make the day especially emotional... even for me!
Renee wasn't nervous, but she couldn't finish her breakfast/lunch. And I had to document. :)
What a cutie! :)
This was the location of their ceremony... and wow. How cool is that?
They had their faces put on m&m's!! Josh and I had fun eating them... :)
The dashing dudes!
Renee and her sister were hilarious... literally. I laughed so hard...
Renee was all about beautiful simplicity! Her simple dress, her simple hair, her simple flowers.
Her simple beautiful self.
Did I mention we had fun?
The ceremony started off with a teary moment - Evan and his dad. Love that hug.
Renee and Evan decided not to see each other before the ceremony - the look on Evan's face as he saw his bride for the first time was priceless. Pretty sure he wasn't aware other people even existed...
The mom's were presented each with a rose. Love the simple touch!
Wow. Did I mention wow?
Post-ceremony aisle shots are the best. The best emotions, the best smiles... the best. Ever. :)
Evan and his sister after the wedding...
Josh grabbed some detail shots of the reception area before we headed out with the bridal party. 
Pretty sure I'm in love with f/1.4.
Simple. (Seeing a theme??)
The light was to DIE for! And I almost did die... by freaking out. A lot. Josh had to calm me down...
But look! LOOK! 
Aren't they adorable? :)
Adorable is an understatement, Renee.
The bridal party rocked. Formally and informally! :)
After we bridal party shots, we gave Renee and Evan plenty of alone time.
(And documented it all... of course.)
Because they didn't have time together before the wedding, we took plenty of time (and I gave them plenty of space) to just chill. Breathing in the moment is SO important when things fly by so fast.
So we breathed.
Pretty sure this shot took my breath away when I first saw it. See his look?
Pure. Simple. Joy.
Back at the hotel, the cocktail hour was just finishing up.
Siblings give the best speeches.
Then they danced.
Then they all danced.
And kept dancing.
Even after I left.
What a simply beautiful day. 
Congrats, Renee and Evan! :)