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The Johnson's | Family photo shoot.

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I shot this family waaaaay back in August, but haven't even had time to post their session yet! We'd never met in person before, but I had a great time hanging out with their family. Isn't their daughter adorable??

She was sooo sweet. She has the BEST expressions ever, and loved anything I wanted her to do! Perfect model. Perfect. :)

I have one confession to make.
So, usually when I'm with people and they have sunglasses, I offer to put them on my own head so they are not in the shot, right? It makes my life easier (instead of photoshopping sunglasses out of a picture), and it's pretty easy to carry them on my head. 
Well, mistake number one. Offer to carry Mr. Johnson's prescription sunglasses.
Mistake number two: Go near water.
Mistake number three: Bend over the water:
Mistake number four. Fail at catching the glasses as they fall into the watery abyss. 
Big mistake. 
I apologized profusely!! They were very sweet about it though - even though I was completely mortified. I offered to pay for them, but sweet Mr. Johnson said, "No, I'll just come back tomorrow and hop in and find them myself!" 
And he did.
And he found them. 
And I will never wear sunglasses again.
 Even though I failed, we got some gorgeous shots in the evening light.      

Thanks for putting up with me!! :)