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The numbers are getting to me.

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I've been working like crazy to get my business all in order this past month. I've invested in Quickbooks, and have been doing my best to get accustomed to using it in my workflow. 
What an addicting program! (Did I mention I'm a nerd?)
So... I took a break. 
Enough of numbers, invoices, customers, jobs, and money. I need Cheezits. (Or.... as a friend on Facebook reminded me... Chee-"zits"....)
But I don't care. Really.
I think the numbers got to me. Because all of a sudden... those little joy-filled crackers ended up in my hot chocolate.
So, what's crazier? That I dunk my Cheezits in hot chocolate, or that I moved my mug by the door for a better picture?
But all of a sudden... it didn't matter. I had just dipped my camera strap in ranch.
Maybe I should just stick with numbers today...
The end.
(Isn't that a good story?)