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The Schneibels | Family photographer

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It's so hard for me to pick pictures. I have such a hard time narrowing them down.
So... today's post will be quite big. 30 pictures big.
This family is absolutely gorgeous. They are my first repeat customers! :)

I did their boys last summer.... and I got the blessing of doing them again last weekend.
First of all... let me freak out about the light. GORGEOUS!
Next... I'll freak out about the moments that happened. All together now... "Awwwww...."
The colors, light, location, people... it all works. I'm in love.
[Insert bliss here.... ]
Then, I'll freak out about the kids.
And the eyes!! Oh my...
He's already a ladies man... :)
Some families don't interact well. They are awkward, forced, and overall unnatural.
Unnatural doesn't belong in this family's vocabulary.
Except for maybe the wide stance... :)
Like last year, we had to do bench pictures.
Yay for benches! :)
They come to this park all the time. That's why we did pictures there.
Can't you tell that they love it?
I want boys with eyes like these.
I think I might adopt them.
Too bad they're taken.