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The Tolosa family | Family photographer

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I made an oops. Now I have to make a correction. Remember when I told you that the Schneibel's were my first repeat clients? 
Well, I mispoke. Typed.
Actually, the Tolosa's are my first return customers! :) They go so far back... into the days when I didn't even have a blog! This post was actually their second session with me. I won't even show you the images from our first shoot.... 

This session was quite uneventful until the very end. As she was running past a branch, Sara got stung 5 or 6 times by a wasp (or something...), right when we were packing up to go home! The poor girl just bawled! :(

Thankfully, it happened at the end, and we got some fabulous shots at the beginning! :)

I'm spoiled! They have adorable children to shoot!
Yes. Shoot. At f/1.4. :)
Silas is such a jolly child!
One thing that I really really really love about this family is that Zeke (The youngest) is deaf. But that's not what I love - I love that fact that they left in his hearing aide for the shoot! 'Cause why pretend?

Yes. I'm addicted to hands.
I LOVE the love in this shot. Makes me feel happy inside.

Zeke, you make my heart skip a beat.

I love how in love they are. 
(I think I'm saying love too much.)
While I was shooting the above pictures... the kidlets starting playing around mommy and daddy's legs. How cute is that?

Everything about this picture is perfect. The stick. The little hand on daddy's knee. All the toes.




Oh, how I love this family....