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They love Him.

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They love Jesus.
A lot.
The people at The Exchange worship Him like no other.
First, they sing.

And then they sing some more.

(I love the grain in this one!)

Since I've been attending all summer, the church asked me to photograph during one of the praise and worship services.

When you walk in the building, you know that everything about this church is intentional.


From the music...


To the Scripture....


The response is "awe"(-some).


(I'm such a techy person...) No service is made a reality without the support of the tech crew. Thanks guys for making it possible!



The talented worship leader just happens to be my sister. Hmm... wonder how that happened. :) 

Last night was special; they had communion as a group. 

 Somehow, communion puts things in perspective.

During the entire service, Nick painted this canvas. And he did an amazing job. (Go check out his website at! It's awesome!)


 The mark of a good artist is dirty hands.  I love hands.

 And I love the Exchange.

And I love how they love Jesus.