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Michelle and Jay | Intimate Personal Wedding

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Looking back, it turned out exactly the way they wanted. A relaxed day in their new home, surrounded by their children, family, and friends. The people that meant the world to them cheering on as they walked into a new life together - hand in hand. 

Michelle and I met in college, and I was THRILLED when she asked me to shoot her wedding (it's always an honor when a fellow photographer chooses you for their special day!). Michelle and Jay are one of the most relaxed couples I've ever worked with! From the timeline, to the details, to the way they effortlessly welcomed their guests into their home, every interaction was full of grace, ease, and pure joy! 


The details and decor in their home looked like it was straight out of a magazine! 

They gave away tiny succulents as favors and they were just adorable. 

Before I arrived, Michelle and Jay had spent the morning getting ready together and relaxing with their children in their home. I loved how at ease they were! 

Michelle had to make sure his hair was just right! 


Michelle's daughters and a close friend helped her put the finishing touches on her dress as she got ready to see her groom. 

Love their smiles!

There was a fantastic bridge at the entrance to their neighborhood, and since they frequently take walks there in the evenings, it seemed like the perfect personal spot for portraits! 

Michelle, you are so beautiful!! 

Love this one!! 

Rather than a bridal party, Michelle and Jay requested some updated family photos with their chidlren - Jay's two girls and Michelle's three kids. 


Love this new family! 

We literally stopped on the side of the road for these photos because of the beautiful flowers in the tall grass! I love it when my couples trust me to make their photos beautiful! 

Once we were done with photos, we headed back to the house to welcome their guests and enjoy the party for the rest of the evening. 

Once everyone was there, they gathered in the middle of their living room for a short, sweet, and personalized ceremony that made just about everyone cry. 

Mr and Mrs!! 


Group photo of everyone there, because why not?? 

The food was effortlessly and beautiful catered by Chowgirls Killer Catering - they were so much fun to work with! 

Loved seeing all the friends reunited! 

Donuts for dessert - because WHY NOT? 


Enjoying the night with all their favorite people! 


Michelle and Jay, THANK YOU so much for letting me part of your exquisite day - it was absolutely one of my favorites EVER! You are both beautiful people inside and out, and Sunil and I absolutely loved working with you! Best of love to you both. :) 

Rachel and Charlie | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

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Rachel had been planning for this day for 11 years. She'd known that Charlie was the one for her for a long time, and there was no need to wait any longer! Charlie and Rachel share a long history and a tender love story and it was a huge honor to capture the celebration and beginning of their new life together (especially after getting to be part of the proposal)!

You know it's going to be a blast when friends ask you to photograph their wedding day... but you know it's going to be even more fun when your husband is in the bridal party! :) I can never get over how much trust we're given as wedding photographers, and what an amazing privilege it is to be able to capture such a life changing day for two people who vow to spend the rest of their lives together. Yay weddings!! 

The day started with soft and lovely details. 

Like these personalized rings! How unique and beautiful are they?? 

Rachel surrounded herself with her tribe of women - supportive and lovely! 

I love the stillness in these photos, as she prepares to go see her groom for the first time! 

First look!! 

They were so excited to be getting married! 

So happy!! 

The noonday sun was relentless and HOT, but they didn't really care. It just brightened their excitement! 

On a day full of people and busyness, these quiet, sweet moments are some of my absolute favorites! 

It really didn't take much at all for these girls to break into giggles! 

And Charlie's guys made sure he was never serious for too long! 

I couldn't get over how glorious her dress was!! 

First kiss as husband and wife!! 

Now off to celebrate with cupcakes and dancing!! 

Rachel and Charlie - CONGRATS!! You did it!! Being married is probably the best thing ever, so enjoy every moment of it as you get started in your new life together. Love you two BUNCHES!! <3