Amanda Joy Photography


My working philosophy is simple: we play, we cuddle, we repeat.

My working philosophy is simple: we play, we cuddle, we repeat. I strive to make your photos playful (full of life!) and intimate (full of connection!), all the while being... simple. I’m not out to create the perfect traditional photo. Life isn’t about being perfect, it’s about being real. Leave the perfect hair and make up at home - I want to see the real you. Be alive, be honest, but love each other. Now, kids may scream, white shirts may get muddy, and things may go wrong. But real people deserve real photos (at least once a year!). Photos that tell real stories.


And JCPenney doesn't count.

My goal for our session together is to capture your family having fun (of course!), being yourselves (please don’t be anyone else), and loving on each other (but that means you have to ACTUALLY love each other). In order to make this happen, we need to get to know each other. Not the "I-know-you-well-enough-to-friend-you-on-Facebook"... but the "I-know-you-well-enough-to-trust-you-with-creating-priceless-memories-of-me-and-my-loved-ones.”  See the difference? I value your trust, but I make sure to earn it. This means I take extra time with each family learning about who they are and what makes your beautiful family so beautiful.

My work has been described as spontaneous and real... I think of it as playful, intimate and simple. My absolute favorite people to work with are little people. Little people that giggle, squirm, play and have SO much energy. I enjoy the challenge!!

My family sessions start at $250. To learn more about my process, schedule a session, or inquire about wedding pricing, contact me here