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Rachel and Charlie | Kansas City Proposal Photographer

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Let's just say.... Rachel knew it was coming. She'd been waiting for 11 years for this guy to pop the question, and she even knew that he was looking at rings. She was hopeful, yet patiently biding her time for him to plan his moment. 

The evening quickly arrived. Dressing up, romantic dinner, walk on the plaza. 

In perfect Charlie & Rachel moment, Charlie said all the right things (of course), and Rachel had the best sarcastic reply.  And suddenly it didn't matter anymore if it was cold outside. 


The plaza shops gave us the perfect window light to capture their moments of joy!! 

YAY!! Being engaged is the BEST!

Charlie did an amazing job of picking out the most perfect, unique, vintage ring for his bride. He knows her so well. :) 

Congrats, you lovebirds!! So exciting to see how you guys have grown together in the last 2 years, and I'm so thankful we've been able to be part of it!! Love you guys! 

Music Team

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For a little over four years now, my husband and I have been a part of the music team at our church. We both have backgrounds in music (we have over 30 years of lessons between the two of us!) and we love being a part of a team that pursues both excellence in music and also purity in heart as we lead others to worship Jesus. Music really is a lovely gift.


Last week, our music team tackled a big project - our first music video! 

Countless hours went into set up, preparing details, testing audio equipment, organizing and preparing our amazing production team, as well as braving the frigid gym for our recording session!! 

As we finished our session, I was able to set down my instrument for a few minutes and capture these images of my fellow teammates as they played and sang their hearts out. 

When you play with people this closely for this long, you learn a lot about each other. The minutes turn into hours turn into days and pretty soon you don't even remember how many times you've gotten on stage together, whether you've felt like it or not. 

In the midst of every emotion possible - both joy or pain; in spite of seasons of change - both difficult or welcomed; you learn to trust each other as you step out to lead others. You lean into the emotions you feel and discover that God is bigger than all of it. You reach out for help and discover that you're supported. And you learn that God uses broken people to do extraordinary things simply because He is full of grace. 

Music really is such a lovely gift. 

The Tomlinson Family | Kansas City Lifestyle Family Photographer

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These were the first family photos for the Tomlinsons. Gus turned one back in September, but with our crazy schedules combined, we weren't able to do photos until last weekend! I'm so glad we finally found a date that worked for us - it was so fun to get to know this lovely family! 

Gus is a laid back, easy going, little guy by nature. He warmed up to me almost instantly!

His parents absolutely dote on him - and it's easy to see where he gets his adorable personality! :) 

Little shoes are the best!! 

At one point I turned around to find Gus and his dad having this sweet moment. So simple and perfect. 

It was chilly and windy that day, so we made sure to snuggle quite a lot! 

These two crazy kids have been married for almost ten years (this January!) and it was amazing to see them still so giggly around each other. :) 

Jared and Amanda (and Gus!), thank you SO much for allowing me to photograph your precious little family! It was so great to finally meet you both and I'm so glad that we beat the snow and (extra) cold weather! Enjoy your photos!! :) 

Full Circle | Lifestyle Family Photographer

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It's been full circle with these two. Their wedding was the first I ever photographed, and then it was their anniversary shoot, and now this: their lovely family. 


These two crazy kids went and had a baby, and he's absolutely adorable! 


I've known Rachel and Jason for many years (I stopped counting after ten!), and although life has taken us to different states with different lives and different communities, we're absolutely still friends. 

Isn't it neat how that happens sometimes? 


It's an amazing privilege watching your friends become parents. 

Suddenly, tenderness and care spring out of a corner in their heart that had yet to be unlocked until that season, and I'm left to marvel at the beautiful people my friends are becoming. 

Rachel and Jason, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph you guys this last weekend out in the chilly KS weather!! If you can believe it, we did all these photos in 9 minutes flat! How amazing are we?? Love you guys to the moon and back! 

Leslie and Mike | Fall Chapel Wedding

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If you've been following my blog for a few months, you've already met Leslie and Mike, and heard their story of love that started years and years ago!! Well, although they were married privately and quietly in May, that didn't stop them from planning the party of their dreams to celebrate their love with their closest family and friends!

I love it when couples approach their wedding day with an enormous amount of excitement, paired with a lovely sense of contentment for all the details in progress. I see this in just about every beautiful couple I am blessed to work with, and Leslie and Mike were definitely no exception! Their hospitality and care for their guests, as well as their pure joy in being with each other made for such a warm and welcoming day!

Leslie is the master planner and chief organizer of all the details. She LOVES planning events and parties and decorating, and this was the perfect combination of all of her skills! 

She's waited to put on a beautiful, white, wedding dress for years, and I was SO excited for her!! 

Mike thought she was just stunning, and he was absolutely right! 


So sweet! 

When you find a tree with such gorgeous colors at the end of October, you better believe that you linger there for as long as you can! So pretty! 

Leslie did the majority of the details herself - every flower arrangement, table detail, sign, and paper good was all carefully selected by her expert eye. I just LOVE the bouquet she created! 

So much giggling! 

So sweet! 

Love the ring bearer's details! 

Reaffirming their vows to each other... 

And ready to party with their family and friends! 

Just LOVE all of this! 


Mike grew up near this chapel in Iowa, and it was the perfect, intimate setting for their special day. 

Leslie and Mike, thank you so so much for allowing me to be a part of your marriage journey!! It's been so fun to hear all of the stories that have lead you to each other, and I'm so so thankful that God brought you to together (at last!). Enjoy this new season of your life!