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Full Circle | Lifestyle Family Photographer

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It's been full circle with these two. Their wedding was the first I ever photographed, and then it was their anniversary shoot, and now this: their lovely family. 


These two crazy kids went and had a baby, and he's absolutely adorable! 


I've known Rachel and Jason for many years (I stopped counting after ten!), and although life has taken us to different states with different lives and different communities, we're absolutely still friends. 

Isn't it neat how that happens sometimes? 


It's an amazing privilege watching your friends become parents. 

Suddenly, tenderness and care spring out of a corner in their heart that had yet to be unlocked until that season, and I'm left to marvel at the beautiful people my friends are becoming. 

Rachel and Jason, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph you guys this last weekend out in the chilly KS weather!! If you can believe it, we did all these photos in 9 minutes flat! How amazing are we?? Love you guys to the moon and back! 

Leslie and Mike | Fall Chapel Wedding

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If you've been following my blog for a few months, you've already met Leslie and Mike, and heard their story of love that started years and years ago!! Well, although they were married privately and quietly in May, that didn't stop them from planning the party of their dreams to celebrate their love with their closest family and friends!

I love it when couples approach their wedding day with an enormous amount of excitement, paired with a lovely sense of contentment for all the details in progress. I see this in just about every beautiful couple I am blessed to work with, and Leslie and Mike were definitely no exception! Their hospitality and care for their guests, as well as their pure joy in being with each other made for such a warm and welcoming day!

Leslie is the master planner and chief organizer of all the details. She LOVES planning events and parties and decorating, and this was the perfect combination of all of her skills! 

She's waited to put on a beautiful, white, wedding dress for years, and I was SO excited for her!! 

Mike thought she was just stunning, and he was absolutely right! 


So sweet! 

When you find a tree with such gorgeous colors at the end of October, you better believe that you linger there for as long as you can! So pretty! 

Leslie did the majority of the details herself - every flower arrangement, table detail, sign, and paper good was all carefully selected by her expert eye. I just LOVE the bouquet she created! 

So much giggling! 

So sweet! 

Love the ring bearer's details! 

Reaffirming their vows to each other... 

And ready to party with their family and friends! 

Just LOVE all of this! 


Mike grew up near this chapel in Iowa, and it was the perfect, intimate setting for their special day. 

Leslie and Mike, thank you so so much for allowing me to be a part of your marriage journey!! It's been so fun to hear all of the stories that have lead you to each other, and I'm so so thankful that God brought you to together (at last!). Enjoy this new season of your life! 

Jessica and Charlie | Wedding Lifestyle Photographer

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Eager and enthusiastic. When it came to wedding planning, Jessica was all about the details - everything had a place, and every task got crossed off the list. When it came to her wedding day, Jessica greeted her friends and family with a warmth and excitement that overflowed at every turn. Her love for her groom was about to be forever. 

Confident and relaxed. Charlie loves people, and having all of his favorite people so close to him on such a special day made him almost happier than he could handle! As the warm wishes and toasts poured in throughout the day, the theme was evident: Charlie would do anything for his friends, but he would move heaven and earth for his bride. 

Side note: There were so many crazy connections for me with this wedding! First of all, it was held at the church I grew up attending for 14 years, and oddly enough - photographed my first wedding there! Then, Jessica and I met in junior high through Awana, and Charlie and I met in high school through a Bible study, but until just a few years ago, neither one of them had met! It was the most bizarre and wonderful thing to see two people from two of my completely separate worlds meet each other, fall in love, and get married! 

Jessica was all about the simple, no-fuss details. She didn't want a big gaudy wedding, she wanted all of her friends close, a few beautiful details, and her groom by her side for as long as possible. 

Nonetheless, beautiful and adorable details filled every corner of the church. 


Jessica is an identical twin, and I'm SO thankful that I've known her for enough years to be able to tell the difference between her and Stephanie! (Also, she was the one wearing white...)

So happy!!

For photos, I found an abandoned park just down the street from the church. It covered an entire block with trees, leaves, and gorgeous fall colors! It was exquisite and intimate. 


Love their first look! 

Jessica and Charlie were just giggly the whole day... 

And it showed at every moment. 


I was so glad that we found a few trees with some bright red/orange leaves. It was such a lovely pop of color! 

I LOVED the guys outfits, and the girls dresses looked so comfy and flattering! 


Although Charlie had just seen her a few moments before, he nervously waited for her entrance at the end of the aisle. 

Saying hi to all their wedding guests! 

YAY!! Finally married!! 

Their reception was absolutely like a party - eating good food, while hanging out with people you love, while making the bride and groom kiss as often as possible. 

It was definitely one party they'll remember for the rest of their lives. 

Jessica and Charlie - thank you so so much for opening up your wedding day to allow me to be part of it! It was such a FUN day! I'm so thrilled that God brought you two together, and can't wait for all that He's going to do in your lives in the future. Much love to you both! :) 

James and Christy | Minnesota Lifestyle Wedding Photographer

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The day had arrived. Christy, being the extremely organized and planned woman that she is, greeted the day with a smile and decided to focus on one thing at a time. She had waited for James for years, and if there was one thing he had taught her, it was to take life one day at a time. 

He treated the day much like any other day. Surrounded by his closest friends, James carefully and eagerly (and maybe a tiny bit anxiously!) prepared to see his beautiful bride. Today would be the day when they would no longer have to say goodbye. 

For me, it's so hard to put words to the whole experience.  I viewed the day through my camera lenses, but only because I was holding back tears of joy on the inside! My best friend from growing up was finally getting married to the man of her dreams, and I COULD NOT have been happier for them! I have so much respect for their friendship and their patience and I'm so thankful that they get to spend the rest of their lives together! 


Christy looked completely and totally relaxed as she got ready. She had done her part of planning and delegating and she seemed just SO ready to get married! :) 

Love that smile!! 

I asked Christy to step outside on the porch to finish getting ready, and she couldn't help but giggle at the girls standing inside - they were all crying at how beautiful she was! 

James was calm and collected and showed off his expert bow-tying knowledge! 


James guessed that Christy's dress would be form fitted with only a small veil... boy, was he surprised! 

Because Christy and James met at SMSU in Marshall, we decided to do all of their photos on campus. 

It was a gorgeous day, and the leaves were absolutely beautiful! 

We also made sure to visit the exact spot where Christy and James had their very first conversation. It just seemed fitting! :)


So happy!! 

More than anything, Christy and James wanted to be surrounded by the people that they loved. Their wedding party was so sweet and so helpful! 


Not to mention beautiful!! 

Daddy's little girl! 


Not only does Christy have an incredible eye for details, but she also works as a Sensory Analyst at Shchwan's - so you knew the food was going to be amazing! 

Each of the guest tables had a different theme - something relating to James and Christy's relationship. They share a love for cooking, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and all things Doctor Who... there were so many details to photograph! 

Christy was all smiles walking to see her groom... 

And they shared the sweetest vows! 

YAY! Finally married!! 

I stole them away during dinner for some sunset photos and I'm so happy I did! Just check out James' sweet smile... :) 

The rest of their night consisted of creative dances, hilarious toasts, fun games, and an active dance floor! 

And who doesn't love to celebrate at a wedding like that? 

Christy and James... I barely know what to say. Thank you so much for trusting me with your day, for being so willing to try all my crazy ideas, and for having an amazing wedding! Christy... guess what?? You're a married woman now!! :) I love you guys so so much, and can't wait to see what your future holds!! Enjoy the photos! 

The Jackson Family and Seniors | Lifestyle Family Photographer

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When you photograph the same families for several years, you start to notice trends. 

Cute moments with children turn into actual real-life moments of adults with character and life and personalities.


Marriages grow stronger and deeper and more seasoned with experience and tenderness. 

Little kids grow up to become adults who graduate high school... 

And drive cars... 

And become real people who make real decisions about real life changes....

And take their chances and dive into the big wide world waiting for them. 

And that's exactly what I got to see with this dear family. 

A family all grown up, twins who are ready to be off on their own, and little people who have turned into adults overnight. 

With big smiles and enough confidence to shake the world. 

Jackson family, Davey, and Clay... what can I say? We have the best of times and I get the bestest of photos with you guys! Thanks for allowing me into your lives year after year and for inspiring me with your crazy, real family! Love you guys. :)