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Emily | Class of 2017

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One of my favorite things about photographing people for a living is all the people I get to meet. When you spend time with someone in front of your camera for an hour or two, you get to know them pretty well! :)


Some people crawl into their shell. Being photographed isn't everyone's favorite pastime, and it can feel incredibly intimidating, intimate, and invasive. 

Some people come alive. They embrace the awkwardness, put forward who they really are, and enjoy the experience of being celebrated and documented. 

I'll let you decide which way Emily decided to go. :) 

Emily's senior year is quickly coming to an end, and to celebrate her past, present, and future we spent an evening exploring the woods and effortlessly coaxing out her beautiful smile. :) 

She has life behind her, life in front of her, and decisions to be made about who she is and where she'll go. 

But then again... most of us do. We all have a little bit (or a lot) of life behind us, life ahead of us, and decisions to make about who we are and where we want to go. 

It's what makes the human experience such a beautiful thing. 

Emily, thank you so much for exploring the woods with me! :) I'm so so glad we were able to find time for it and that the rain decided not to grace us with its presence! So excited for the journey that is in front of you and where you'll go from here. <3 

The Fritz Family | Lifestyle Family Photogapher

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Sometimes in photoshoots you let the little people lead. 

You give them the space to be crazy, silly, and giggly. 

Other times, you let the big people lead. 

You remind them that they were once little people too... and wait for them to break out of their shell. 

Sometimes the little people act like big people... 

And your heart melts in a big puddle of sweetness. 


Sometimes jokes about bodily functions transcend big and little people... 

And make everyone very giggly. 

Sometimes little people act like big people in such a cool way that you can't wait for them to become big people.

They're going to make some pretty awesome big people.

Sooner or later, big or little, no one is really leading. 

It's just one pile of love. 

And everyone gets a chance to be little... 

And big. 

Little people are my favorite people. 

But big people aren't so bad either. :)