Amanda Joy Photography

I always say, "Good morning!"

When you meet me... 

I always say, "Good morning!" For real.

Now, it probably won’t be anywhere close to morning, but I say it anyway. Just for fun! It puts a smile on people’s faces and they think I’m crazy for a half a second. But it makes them laugh; something I love to hear.

My favorite thing in the world is my family. The sounds and smells of all 5 of us siblings and their families piled around my parents dinner table... it makes my heart burst. I know the importance of family - the way we are continually connected across miles and time no matter what life may bring. 


A place to belong, to be known, to make mistakes and be forgiven, to be loved unconditionally, to be connected. A picture of God’s never-ending love – packaged up in different shapes, sizes and colors – seen and recognized all around the world. And it’s those two things that have shaped me the most in life: God’s undeserving-yet-graciously-offered love and my crazy-yet-beautiful-and-cherished family.

A Few Favorites

Here are a few more things that I’m pretty crazy about:

  • Jesus (my Lord and Savior) 

  • My husband (my love, my Indian)

  • Quality time (it’s my love language – don’t mess with it, yo!)  

  • My church (both my husband and I are on staff, and we love it!)

  • Music (my creative heartbeat) 

  • Indian in-laws (be jealous)  

  • Circles (my obsession) 

  • Road trips (refreshing for the eyes, memories for the soul) 
  • To-do lists (the only way I accomplish anything) 
  • Homeschoolers (and proud of it!) 
  • Plaid (especially on my husband)
  • Rain (demands a day off with a book) 
  • Running my own business (seriously, Quickbooks is totally my favorite)

And it’s those two things that have shaped me the most in life: God’s undeserving-yet-graciously-offered love and my crazy-yet-beautiful-and-cherished family.