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The Jones Family | Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer

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When I photograph a family I've never met before, there's always a big case of nerves beforehand. 

There are so many unknown factors... will the weather hold? Is it too windy? Too cold? Will the kids like me? Will I make a fool out of myself? (The answer to that one is always yes!) :)


I take a few deep breaths to get started, and jump in with both feet. 

Then I start to see it happen. 


Little by little, they start to show me pieces of their life together and their personalities in the most beautiful manner. 


And then by the end we're all worn out, laughed out, and snuggled out. 

And I realize I had nothing to be worried about at all. 


Becky and Trevor, YAY! Thank you so much for taking a risk with a brand new photographer and letting me and Sunil get to know you and your kids. Nobody froze, and we all made it out alive!! :) Enjoy the photos, and Happy Thanksgiving! 

The Van Zyl Family | Family Lifestyle Photographer

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Step 1. Decide on a convenient location between the two of you with a lovely landscape and great light - even if it is a cemetery. 

Step 2. Find the most colorful trees the area has to offer. 


Step 3. Hang the kid upside down to make him giggle hilariously. 

Step 3. Distract the child with airplanes and sneak mom and dad off into the bushes. 


Step 4. Ignore the fact that it's frigid cold outside and use blankets, running, and snuggling to warm up. 


Step 5. Forget everything else and just be adorable. 


Josh and Hannie... QUICKEST SHOOT EVER. Also coldest. Also most fun. You guys and your little family are my favorites... and I love you guys so much! :) *BIG HUGS*