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Rian and Travis | The Vow Exchange Wedding

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A small, simple ceremony with the people they loved - that's what they wanted. Rian and Travis contacted me about doing their wedding at The Vow Exchange and I could not help but be SO excited! Small intimate weddings are my favorite, and theirs was so sweet! 

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Rian wanted to make sure everything was documented... but what she really wanted was photos of her and and her man (and plenty of them!). 


They were so excited to do their first look and completely melted into each others arms. (Figuratively and literally... it was HOT!)


Oh Rian!! You were the most stunning bride... 


Although I'd met Rian before that day, it was a privilege to meet Travis for the first time. He is charming, gentle, relaxed and perfectly compliments Rian's spunky personality. :)

This woman is fiercely devoted and beautifully determined. I just love that smile... 

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The ceremony was quick and unrehearsed...


But Travis still cried as his bride walked toward him. 


LOVED their venue!!




After the ceremony, we were able to capture a few more details - including a few photos of her beautiful bouquet and lovely shoes. That's SUCH a pretty green!

Small bridal parties are the best! This was such a fun crew... :)

And of course we got more bride and groom photos afterwards!!

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These two are so clearly, deeply, and beautifully in love... it was such a joy to be with them! 


From his watch to his shoes to his warm eyes... Travis is such a dapper guy. 

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And Rian... oh Rian! You are so lovely in so many ways. :)

After photos we all headed to Thomas Restaurant to enjoy and relax with family and friends for the rest of the evening. 

I'll end with this photo because it beautifully captures their bliss. Finally married!!

Travis and Rian, THANK YOU so so much for allowing me to photograph your beautiful day! It was so wonderfully refreshing to be there and document your love... I hope you're enjoying your wonderful honeymoon! Blessings to you both! :)

We bought a house!

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For the past few months, Sunil and I have been looking to buy a house! Originally, purchasing a home wasn't in our plan for this year (in fact, it was many years away), but God opened some huge doors and ended up shoving us through them. Almost literally. :) We've been renting since we were married; first a one bedroom apartment, and then a tiny (but brand-new!) little duplex. We decorated it, loved it, and made it our home... but through several circumstances it became apparent that we needed to find a different place. We love having people over and have always dreamed of having enough space to actually throw a party! As you can see, there was only so much space in our living room (and no dining room!). 


Well, over 30 homes and 30 days later we found the perfect little house in the cutest little neighborhood! We were so so thankful that the entire buying process went smoothly with only a few grey hairs..... and now we're proud home-owners of this beauty! I feel like such an adult! :)

My favorite part of the entire house may be the front porch - no joke. I've ALWAYS wanted to sit on my front porch with my man and watch the world go by. 


Our glorious living room, complete with recessed lighting, a huge picture window, wood-burning fireplace and beautiful hardwood floors. 


A dining room we can actually put a table in! AND FRIENDS! 

View from the dining room.... 

The view from by the fireplace. 

Our kitchen isn't huge... 

But we have plenty of room on the opposite shelf for storage! 

Our basement is finished, with a bathroom (not pictured) and a tiled room that could double as another bedroom or workspace. 


We've managed to make our tiny garage fit all of our camping gear, tools, my car, and Sunil's motorcycle! 


Upstairs are three spacious bedrooms. This is our guest bedroom!

And another view... We can have lots of people come stay with us now! :) 

We'll use this room for my office. 

And maybe put Sunil's computer in here too. :)

And this is the master bedroom. And our gloriously regular sized closet! Since we've always had to share a tiny closet together... this is beautiful in so many ways. :)

YAY for being home-owners!! :)


The Twins | Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer

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I have this sweet friend who has beautiful twins... And sometimes when we hang out I take my camera (of course!). Allison doesn't get many photos of her with her babies (even though she's a photographer too!) so I was delighted to spend a few minutes making a fool out of myself behind the camera. :) I just love these homey, intimate, and playful images!! 


So sweet! Allison, you are pretty much the most photogenic mom ever... :)

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Being a mom isn't always laughs, smiles or happy times. Yet even in it's hardest times motherhood is beautiful. 


Thanks for inviting me to hang out, Allison! I LOVED getting to photograph you and your beautiful babies! :)

The Berry Family | Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer

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When Ashley and Micah told us they were pregnant, we were THRILLED. Not only because we love them so much and are SO excited that they get to be parents... but because we knew they would be some of the most loving, understanding, genuine and adorable parents ever. Thankfully, the pregnancy was a (relatively) smooth process and when little Rylan made his entrance on July 4th... we all knew he'd be a little firecracker. ;)

I was SO honored that they chose me to document their sweet family just two weeks after Rylan was born. 

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Capturing young families is my FAVORITE. But capturing brand-spanking-new-parents as they oogle over their new little baby? Pretty sure I have the easiest job ever! Seriously, all I had to do was tell them to love on their son and I got THIS. 


And this!! :)

Rylan was tuckered out... looking good for the camera is hard work! 


I love how they chose red, white and blue outfits for some of the photos... loving the 4th of July theme! :)

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He's clearly SO happy in his momma's arms... and loved the skin-to-skin time he got with papa. :)

He'll clearly be a Jayhawks fan... :)


Since Micah is a Wyandotte county cop, we got to use his badge for a few photos! I can't wait until Rylan is old enough to play with daddy's hat. :)

Micah and Ashley, thanks SO much for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family! You guys are pros at parenting already and I can't wait to learn all of the tips and tricks from you when we have kids of our own someday. :) Love you guys so much! 

The Kemmling Family | Lifestyle Family Photographer

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Describing this sweet and adorable family is almost too difficult for words! Fact: I've erased and restarted this blog post a few too many times. :)

Sunil met these sweet people at the dentist! Since he's the best husband in the world, he loves to tell people about my photography business, and this husband and wife/dentist and dental hygienist team fell in love with my work. We met up this last week for a photo shoot and even though the evening was incredibly warm and humid, these kids handled it like champs! (Not to mention preggo mom!) It took me all of two seconds to fall in love with their fair-skinned/blue-eyed/red-haired children... and I seriously thought about taking one or two home with me. :) 

ENJOY! :) 


Mom and dad have been married for 12 years, but still giggle like 12 year olds when they get a minute to themselves... SO CUTE! :)

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If there ever was a more perfect family photo, I've never seen it!! :) 

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Love those kids! :) 


Prepare to be overwhelmed with gorgeous light, beautiful bokeh, and adorable children! :) 


Thanks so much for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family, Chris and Mike! And thanks again for braving the heat! I can't wait to meet the next lovely addition to your family. :)