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The Rodriguez Family | Kansas City Lifestyle Family Photographer

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Sometimes my family sessions are long and drawn out and we get to take hours to create beautiful imagery. But other times and most often, they're short and sweet.

My sister and her husband wanted to sneak in a quick session while I was in Minnesota a few weeks ago... but I don't think either one of us expected it to be SO brief! 


We awoke that morning to a bitter rain and bone-chilling COLD. 

But Mel bundled up her adorable children (and her adorable husband) and we set off for our cold and rainy photoshoot. 


15 minutes later I was in back in my warm car. Talk about a QUICK shoot! :)

I think the results are fabulous! 

blog 1.jpg

The clouds and rain made the fall colors deep and rich...

blog 2.jpg

And the little moments and connections were so sweet! 


Thanks for our quick shoot, Mel and Jose! Thanks for letting me photograph your cabbage patch kids! ;)

The Gibson Family | Kansas City Lifestyle Family Photographer

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It was too easy. 

I told her sweet mom the moment we started photographing... her adorable one-year-old was just too easy to shoot!! 

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Katie had found such a unique hideaway behind a church in Lee's Summit, and the evening light beautified it even more!

This little lady couldn't help but squeal and giggle with happiness... 

She is SO loved!


These are my favorite moments: hidden away from the world, just enjoying their time together as a family. 


Just LOOK at her heart-melting smile!! 

Thanks so much for letting me capture a little slice of your beautiful family, Katie! 

And happy birthday to your precious little girl! :)


The Jackson Family | Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer

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As a family photographer, my goal and privilege is to capture families as they are - all expectations of perfection aside! Something pretty special happens when I get to partner with a family that embraces that perspective. As for the Jackson family, I've been working alongside of them for years now! It's so fun to see their family grow and evolve together - mom and dad still cuddle and the kids are still hilarious goof-balls. Check out our latest adventure downtown Minneapolis! :)


These guys were so eager to be crazy!! 


Love all their crazy faces in this one! :)


Thanks so much for allowing me to photograph your family yet again, Jacksons! Praying that God continues to grow you together. :)

The Sutkowski Family | Kansas City Lifestyle Family Photographer

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It was a last minute decision, but one I'm so glad we made. Stacey emailed me and asked if I still had openings available for my weekend in MN just days before I drove up - and sure enough I did! We met downtown Minneapolis on a blustery Saturday morning and although the temperatures were frigid, their sweet family melted my heart. You'll soon see why! :)  


This little guy - the beloved middle child - is the happiest camper I've ever met. 

Happy to smile for me, happy to tickle mommy... 

And even happy to snuggle with his sister. 

This little pumpkin actually turned 6 years old the day we did photos! 

Don't let her adorable face kid you - she's a deep thinker and a strong little lady deep down inside. :) 

Justin and Stacey are simply delightful. Even after 3 children and so many years of marriage, the way they giggle together is so adorable! :)

All that was left was to document the sweetness... 

Not to mention the tender moments! Baby Lucas is a very loved little man. 

Since mom is a photographer herself, she's hardly ever in family photos that are taken. She really wanted to be able to look back on our session and enjoy the documented moments that contained not only her sweet family, but also her smiling face alongside them. 

And I'm so thrilled that we got to do just that! :) 

Stacey and Justin, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family! It was so so wonderful to meet you all and an amazing privilege to document your love for each other. Praying that God blesses your family! :) 

Clint and Jenelle | Lifestyle anniversary photographer

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Recently, I've been able to photograph a ton more anniversary sessions for couples that just want to document their love! I LOVE that this is becoming more common! So often couples will focus on celebrating their relationship before they're married with engagement sessions, but I love it when they remember to take the time to stop and rejoice in the years that they've made it through! Marriage, although it's a wonderful thing, isn't always easy and I love capturing the maturity and experience in couples that have made it through some difficult first years. 

Clint and Jenelle are one such couple in our small group that really really wanted to celebrate their 5th year anniversary by taking an evening to get their adorable faces in front of my camera! Well, I think it was mostly Jenelle's idea... but Clint warmed up after a little bit too! :)


Sunil went to college with both Clint and Jenelle, and we were THRILLED when God brought them to Kansas City. We pounced on them right away and are so excited that they now live less than a mile from us! Yay for close friends! 

Blog 1.jpg

Jenelle is such a little rascal. Ok, maybe a BIG rascal! :) She loves to tease and have a good time, and brings such life to any conversation! 


Clint may seem quiet and reserved at first, but he is such an easy person to sit down and have a conversation with. And he's an expert listener! ;)


More than anything, they love to explore new places and try new things together! They're always up for an adventure when they can be together. 

Jenelle grew up in the country in Ohio and she was so excited to do their photo shoot out in the field! It looked gorgeous at sunset! 

blog 2.jpg

LOVE this one! :)

I think I have a million and a half outtakes from our session! In this photo, Clint was being all sweet and putting her ring back on her finger after I had photographed some close ups of it. He made some sort of goofy comment (you can tell by the smug look on his face) and Jenelle gave me the perfect "oh brother!" look. Anyone who knows them knows that this happens ALL the time. I just love how it sums up their relationship!! :) 

Clint and Jenelle, you know we love you guys! Thanks so much for being brave and allowing me to photograph you - finally! :) Can't wait for what God will do in the next 5 years of your marriage! Love you!