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Brownawell Family | Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer

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There's something about photographing families in their own spaces that makes their sessions extra special. It feels more like home when you are surrounded by your favorite people. 

Melony really wanted updated photos of her family, so we decided to do what most families do on a typical evening together: stay home and relax. 

Jay and Melony have a lovely backyard, with lots of nooks and crannies for photographing! 

We made up some rules for croquet, and blazed through a lightning round.

Then, in keeping with our "evening at home" theme, we started a fire and toasted some marshmallows. 


While I typically photograph families with small children, I found that the interactions that Jay and Melony had with their kids were similar in nature. Affection, respect, and friendship were overflowing, and I'm so thankful I got to see it. 

I guess the family that plays croquet and makes fires and marshmallows stays together. 

Jay and Melony, I'm SO thankful I got to photograph your family this week! Thank you so much for the generosity you show, not only to me and Sunil, but also to those around you - especially your children. Enjoy your photos! :) 

The Kemmling Family 2016 | Lifestyle Family PHotographer

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I grew up in a family with five kids. As the youngest, this was normal, everyday life - even if it was sometimes loud and a tad chaotic. There was always someone to talk to, someone to play with, and best friends came built in. I think that's why I've always wanted a large family of my own, and why I'm drawn to photograph families with lots of little ones. Life is never boring!

I've been photographing the Kemmling family for several years now, and each time I photograph them there's a brand new baby to snuggle! 

This session was no exception, and we loved on Baby Hannah the entire time! (And how amazing does mom look already??)

She is already adored by her older sisters, who insist on holding her every chance they get. 

She is, of course, already a daddy's girl. :) 

Pink, fluffy skirts and soft, sweet hands are some of the best details there are! 

It's been so fun to watch this little family grow, and I've been so honored to photograph them through all of their transitions! 

Mike and Chris, you two are some of my absolute favorites to photograph! Thanks for allowing me to catch glimpses into your (crazy) beautiful life together, and for raising such adorable children!! :) 

Visit with Mark and Lu

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With my dad's health declining, my visits to Minnesota have increased over the summer to spend time with him. While it's convenient at times to be a photographer, it has been unbelievably helpful to capture these times together as a family so we can remember them for years to come. 


About a month ago (I'm so behind with these photos!), my Uncle Mark and Aunt Lu made the trip from Maryland to spend time with my parents in Minnesota. I was thrilled to get a flight up there the same week, because I've met my Aunt and Uncle only about 5-6 times in my life and I'm always looking for more excuses to hang out with my family! 

Mark is my dad's older brother and although they've spent the majority of their adult lives living in separate states, the similarities in mannerisms, speech, and thought processes between the two of them are mesmerizing! 

At this point in early September, dad was in good enough health to be able to spend hours reconnecting with Mark and Lu. There were so many laughs shared and tears shed together.  

My family is no small party (23 total with another one on the way!), so when we gather together to visit we sort of take over the house. Mom has never complained though, and the kids don't seem to mind... :) 

Always thinking like a photographer, I convinced Mark and Lu to allow me to take five minutes before one of our adventures and capture their love for each other. 


After pastoring a church for over 20 years, and spending their lives caring for people, they're entering into a new season of retirement together as a couple. 

I was so thankful to be able not only catch up with them, but to see my dad and his brother catch up on many years of life. Family is such a beautiful gift. 

If you want to stay up to date with my dad's seven-year journey with cancer, you can visit his CaringBridge by clicking here. We're so thankful for all of your thoughts and prayers! 

Molly and Rustam | Lifestyle Family Photographer

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Molly contacted me several weeks ago about setting up a time to do photos of her and Rustam and her lovely baby bump. She's due soon with a precious little baby girl, and she's looking absolutely fabulous! 

Carrying a baby is exhausting and difficult work, but Molly looked so serene and gentle in the soft evening light!!

They were so sweet and gentle with each other.... 


I really didn't have to tell them to slow down and enjoy their time with each other - it seemed as though every time I turned around they were having another tender moment. 

Molly and Rustam, I'm so glad that we were able to make your photo session work!! Thanks for being up for my crazy ideas and for being such lovely people to work with. Congrats on your little girl! 

Leslie and Mike | Kansas City Lifestyle Engagement Photographer

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Their story began years ago - before they even reached junior high. After being friends for years, Leslie remembers telling her friends, "I'm going to marry that man." Unfortunately, God had other plans, and Mike and Leslie both went their separate ways. 

Leslie tried to move on many times, but still always felt like Mike really was the one meant for her. Thirty-five years later, through some pretty crazy circumstances, God opened up every door for them to be reunited, and this time it was for good. Once again, Leslie has the man she always knew was the one for her. 

Leslie and Mike were officially married in May - after being engaged for just a short time. They decided to have a courthouse ceremony so that they could begin their new life together (only thirty-five years in the making) as soon as possible!  

They've decided to hold a special wedding celebration with their family in October,  and I'm thrilled to be able to be a part of their amazing journey. 

Even though they're already officially married, we went ahead and did the traditional "engagement" photos - and it was so fun!! Leslie and Mike are so sweet with each other and obviously enjoying married life! 

When I asked them what their favorite part about being married was, they both replied with the same answer: always being together. 

And now they never have to say goodbye again. 

Leslie and Mike, I am SO thrilled for where God has brought you two as a couple!! It's been so fun to get to know you and hear your story, and I can't wait to celebrate with you in October! Enjoy your married life as a new family. Much love!!