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The Fritz Family | Family Lifestyle Kansas City Photographer

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When I arrived and we were getting ready to start our photo session, Amanda told me that her family had never had photos taken. 

I knew instantly that this wold be special. 

I love being able to capture photos of real life interactions and life as it unfold.... but it means so much more to me when I know that these people will get to receive precious memories of their family. 

Of laughter... 


Serious faces... 

Time with mama... 

And playtime with daddy! 


I loved seeing their family relax - like they were unraveling in front of me and as they decided to stop and enjoy time together. 

Brian and Amanda, thank you SO much for allowing me to photograph your family! You guys are MODELS and I loved getting to meet you and your precious family. :) 

The Little Family | Kansas City Lifestyle Family Photograper

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Kael wanted photos to document his growing family. Him and his wife are expecting, and they wanted to document their last few months as a family of three - soon to be four!! 

One of the things I love about my job as a family photographer is that I get to spend time with sweet people just having fun! 

We get to swing... 


And make silly faces! 

Taking pictures doesn't have to mean forcing a smile for hours on end... 

It means throwing leaves and tackling daddy! 

I loved that I got to catch a quick glimpse into their play time as a family, and I'm so honored that people trust me with their memories. 


Kael and Jillian, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your sweet family, and congratulations on your new addition!! You have a beautiful family - enjoy the photos! :) 

The Berry Family 2015 | Kansas City Lifestyle Family Photographer

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It's been more than a year since I photographed Rylan's newborn photos!! Watching this family develop and grow has been such a privilege and I was SO excited to do family photos with them again this year!! :) 

We found a quiet spot away from the noise and crowds of people that filled the park. 

Ashley and Micah just wanted to spend some time with their little guy and enjoy being a family together! 

We laughed and giggled... 

And waited for little Mr. Somber to show us his smiling face... :) 

SO adorable - LOVE!

Fall has held on just a little bit longer for us to enjoy it's beautiful colors! 

Check out that grin!! 

Favorite!! :)

Micah and Ashley, thank you SO much for allowing me to photograph your amazing family again this year! It's been so fun to see you not only become parents, but grow in your love for each other! We love you guys tons! :)

The Casali Famliy | Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer

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I had the privilege of photographing Chris and Alexa's destination Maine wedding several years ago, and I was SO excited when Chris asked me to do maternity photos as they excitedly wait for their first child! :) 

We've worked together several times, and it's so fun to photograph clients that you've gotten to know as friends! 

We started out by photographing some details in their nursery, and quickly moved outdoors because we wanted to take advantage of the beautiful fall colors! 

Then the gorgeous sun decided to make an appearance and we soaked in the beautiful fall evening! 

Alexa, you look AMAZING!! 

So sweet!! :) 

Love seeing you laugh together! 

Chris and Alexa, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph you guys again!! I'm so so excited for you guys - you're going to be amazing parents! :) 

The Andrews Family | Kansas City Lifestyle Family Photographer

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She's a busy mom of (almost) four year old twins, while finishing grad school, while working as a nurse, while being an awesome and adoring wife to her husband (whew! I got tired writing that!) - and she wanted to stop and document her family in this moment. In this season of life. To remember what it was like in the midst of the craziness. 

We met them at a favorite family hang-out spot, and they settled into the session like they were pros at being in front of the camera. Legit!! :)

Let me tell you something, parents: LOVING on your kids makes for the best photos - hands down. They hardly needed any direction at all! 

How sweet are they?? 

This little princess gave me one glance with her big deep eyes and I melted behind my camera a little. :) 

So much love!! 

Shout out to my amazing husband/assistant who attracts little kids to himself like he's made out of candy! They simply adored him!!

I love photographing parents that will get on the ground with their kids - play time got REAL. :)

Becky and Mark, thank you SO much for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family!! It was so fun to get to know you, and I can't wait to do it again in the near future!! :) Enjoy your priceless memories!