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Norman Family Vacation | South Dakota 2015

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Last month, Sunil and I met up with my family in South Dakota for a whole week of camping!! Growing up, we were big campers and every year we'd pack up all of our awesome camping gear and head to my favorite place on earth - the Black Hills!  It was so fun to include Sunil in our family tradition this year. :) 


One of the things I LOVE about the Black Hills is that there are barely any bugs! That makes exploring and campfires and tents so much better! 

Most of the week it rained - as it usually does when the Norman's are camping. (I swear it follows us around!) 

So on one of those rainy days, we headed to a park called Storybook Island - a playground based on characters in children's books! 

We even had matching t-shirts for everyone that I designed for us! We looked so cool... :)

I'll admit, the best part of my week was following my nieces and nephews around with my camera! :) I only wish my oldest brother and his family could've made it that week!

Lovely sisters! ;)

The whole family troupe with a random dinosaur we found! :)

Grandpa loves his girls! 

The out-laws! 

Apparently Sunil is so skinny that they kids wanted to feed him to fatten him up... 

Mount Rushmore, round one!

Look at mom and dad... trying to be so cool... :)

On another rainy afternoon, we stopped by a Woolly Mammoth dig site to see over 60 skeletons! 

The original 6 - only missing Brad, our oldest brother!! :)

Sunil is definitely the favorite uncle... the kids just adored him! 

Yay! Selfies!


Mount Rushmore round two - ice cream all around! 

Check out dad's massive tarp! This thing has saved us in a rainstorm or two! :)

The wild-life loop! 

Last group photo before we leave! 

Heidi & Dean | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

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One of Heidi's first memories of Dean includes fruit snacks.

When they passed on the sidewalk on their way to class, Dean stopped her and asked if she wanted to finish his fruit snacks. Whether this was a ploy to have a conversation with the beautiful girl he admired, or whether he really didn't want to finish his fruit snacks... we may never know! :)

As their friendship continued and their time together increased, Heidi realized she had never felt so understood and comfortable, and Dean knew that this thoughtful, caring woman was genuinely someone he could spend the rest of his life with. This friendship turned into confident trust, and that trust eventually turned into deep love - and OH MY GOODNESS they were so much fun to photograph!! :) 

Their wedding day could NOT have been more beautiful. Perfect weather, perfect temperature, and the perfect couple. 

Heidi wanted to include as many rustic details as possible - to honor Dean's roots. 

Knowing Heidi, it wasn't surprising that she giggled her way through the morning!

Gorgeous sisters!! :)

The church they were married at had a beautiful little courtyard, and I loved these moments when her bridesmaids helped her with the finishing touches of her outfit! 

Her first look with her dad was sweet and extremely emotional. 

And when she finally saw her groom, she instantly melted into his arms! 

They giggled and laughed their way through photos - SO SWEET! :)

Love this!!

Heidi, you are so beautiful!!

Dean looked dashing in his polka-dotted bow tie and vest. Just look at those eyes... :)

They surrounded themselves with family and close friends - people they know they can count on in the years to come. 

Heidi and her sisters are so sweet!

Heidi was so excited and so emotional before the wedding! 

And their vows made just about everyone else cry as well... :)

Husband and wife!!

Heidi and Dean had an adorable cookies and milk themed reception... 

Everything looked delicious!! 

And everyone had so much fun... :) 

Heidi and Dean, congratulations on finally being husband and wife!! Thank you SO much for allowing me to photograph your beautiful wedding. I pray that God continues to bless you guys with lots of laughs and lots of fruit snacks... Love you guys!! :)

Emily and Joe | Lifestyle Kansas City Photographer

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Emily contacted me about doing anniversary photos for them after I photographed their good friends, the Kemmlings! These two are genius teachers who are huge self-identified dorks - but you'd never believe it from their photos!! Look how much style they have?? 

Emily wore pieces of heirloom jewelry that were given to her from her grandma - such beautiful additions to her outfit! :)

SO sweet!

Emily kept telling me how clumsy she usually is... but I didn't believe her; they looked so elegant together!

We found an old abandoned house lot that was perfect for their photos - Joe and Emily made it look lovely!

Emily and Joe, thanks so much for allowing me to do your photos!! You guys ROCKED them out and it was so fun to get to know you!! :)

Brian and Melinda | Lifestyle Kansas City Photographer

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Recently, Sunil and I joined my immediate family on vacation in South Dakota - the Black Hills! While we were there, my brother Brian and his lovely wife asked me to do a photo shoot while we were in SUCH a beautiful location!! I LOVED being able to photograph them in such a different location then I normally photograph in. Just check out those woods!! :)

Unfortunately, it rained the majority of our time together... so we ended up doing our photo shoot very last minute. We literally just stopped on the side of the road a few miles away from Mt Rushmore and wandered into the woods! 

Thankfully, Brian and Melinda carry their awesome-sauce with them everywhere they go... and they tend to be in adorable and matching clothing every day! ;)

The rocks were so so cool!


Her boots are so awesome! 

This is Brian's gazing face... ;) 

Awww.... :)

After we did their photos in the woods, they requested some photos around our campfire - to get the full camping experience!! 

Melinda has impeccable taste in details! 

Brian and Melinda, thank you for letting me photograph you and for being flexible with the crazy weather!! I love you guys so much! :)

Summer Vacation | Lake Tahoe

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Travel is something I don't get to do a lot of, but I'm SO thankful for the opportunities that come my way. This summer I had the opportunity to shoot weddings on both ends of the country - New Jersey and California! Travel is always so much more fun when you're with friends, and I had so much fun adventuring with my wonderful friend Allison. :) When two photographers go on vacation you know you're going to end up with a LOT of photos - so I've done my very best to narrow down my favorites. :)

The first weekend we shot one of my weddings in New Jersey and got a chance to wander down to the beach! Yay water! :)

You're so cute, Allison! :)

The second week, I got to second shoot with Allison with one of her weddings in Lake Tahoe! The day after the wedding, our husbands flew in to join us for a week long vacation together - yay for rest. :)

During the week we got to climb up and down a beautiful mountain. The view up top was spectacular and the water below was gorgeous! 

Of course we did couple shots... and of course Sunil pretended to propose.... :)

The weather was picture perfect, and Sunil and I enjoyed the non-humid sunshine as often as we could. 

Yay for being adults and mini golfing! 


We spent as much time at the beach as our sunburned shoulders would allow... :)

And then we did a big fun photo shoot the evening of our last day together! 

Allison's skirt was SO CUTE!! 

Aww... :)

We couldn't get over how beautiful the lake was!! Made me wish we could take some bodies of water back to Kansas with us... 

So thankful for such lovely adventures! :)