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The Berry Family | Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer

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When Ashley and Micah told us they were pregnant, we were THRILLED. Not only because we love them so much and are SO excited that they get to be parents... but because we knew they would be some of the most loving, understanding, genuine and adorable parents ever. Thankfully, the pregnancy was a (relatively) smooth process and when little Rylan made his entrance on July 4th... we all knew he'd be a little firecracker. ;)

I was SO honored that they chose me to document their sweet family just two weeks after Rylan was born. 

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Capturing young families is my FAVORITE. But capturing brand-spanking-new-parents as they oogle over their new little baby? Pretty sure I have the easiest job ever! Seriously, all I had to do was tell them to love on their son and I got THIS. 


And this!! :)

Rylan was tuckered out... looking good for the camera is hard work! 


I love how they chose red, white and blue outfits for some of the photos... loving the 4th of July theme! :)

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He's clearly SO happy in his momma's arms... and loved the skin-to-skin time he got with papa. :)

He'll clearly be a Jayhawks fan... :)


Since Micah is a Wyandotte county cop, we got to use his badge for a few photos! I can't wait until Rylan is old enough to play with daddy's hat. :)

Micah and Ashley, thanks SO much for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family! You guys are pros at parenting already and I can't wait to learn all of the tips and tricks from you when we have kids of our own someday. :) Love you guys so much! 

The Kemmling Family | Lifestyle Family Photographer

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Describing this sweet and adorable family is almost too difficult for words! Fact: I've erased and restarted this blog post a few too many times. :)

Sunil met these sweet people at the dentist! Since he's the best husband in the world, he loves to tell people about my photography business, and this husband and wife/dentist and dental hygienist team fell in love with my work. We met up this last week for a photo shoot and even though the evening was incredibly warm and humid, these kids handled it like champs! (Not to mention preggo mom!) It took me all of two seconds to fall in love with their fair-skinned/blue-eyed/red-haired children... and I seriously thought about taking one or two home with me. :) 

ENJOY! :) 


Mom and dad have been married for 12 years, but still giggle like 12 year olds when they get a minute to themselves... SO CUTE! :)

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If there ever was a more perfect family photo, I've never seen it!! :) 

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Love those kids! :) 


Prepare to be overwhelmed with gorgeous light, beautiful bokeh, and adorable children! :) 


Thanks so much for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family, Chris and Mike! And thanks again for braving the heat! I can't wait to meet the next lovely addition to your family. :)

Jess and Isaiah | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

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It's always a privilege when friends ask me to photograph their wedding. For Jessica and Isaiah, it's been a long time coming! From dating photos, to proposal photos, to engagement photos... I've been photographing these two love birds for over a year now and it's been such an amazing journey! But there's something even more monumental about photographing the day that two people commit to spend the rest of their lives together.. a day full of exchanging promises, vows, and hope. Choosing to love. 

Jess was the perfect bride - organized, low key, optimistic and READY. Ready to see her man at the end of the grassy aisle. Isaiah was a quiet bundle of nerves - always supporting his bride with a squeeze of the hand, a knowing glance, or a stolen kiss. Not one for big parties, Isaiah loved that his wedding day was an intimate affair. Surrounded by their closest friends and family... these two exchanged rings and became one. 


Jess has immaculate taste... so I know that all of the details, from the dresses to the shoes, would be no less than beautiful! :)


Jess's gift to Isaiah! :)


The atmosphere when Jess was getting ready was so relaxed! Even her dad joined in on the fun! 


It takes a very very brave bride to do her own wedding day make up... but Jess looked flawless!


Simply stunning!


Jess requested a first look with her dad - which I thought was so sweet! 

Isaiah had been nervous all day... waiting for THIS moment. 

The only thing he could say was "WOW!" Pretty sure his wait was worth it. :)


LOVE this! Isaiah's outfit was so relaxed and classy. 


I think is my favorite of the WHOLE DAY! You guys are just TOO perfect. :)

One of the best things about doing a wedding where you know everyone involved?? Getting shots like this - the maid of honor and the bride (best friends) having a blast together. :)


Fierce lady... :)

Jess and Isaiah surrounded themselves with some pretty awesome people... people that not only know how to have a good time, but will support them as they begin this journey together. :)


Just a good lookin' group!


My second shooter, the amazing Allison from Allison Marie Photography, captured these next two photos of the girls waiting to walk down the aisle and I just LOVE them. 


Here she comes! :)

Just a few days before the wedding, Jessica's mom was in the hospital TWICE for a pretty bad kidney infection. We were so thankful that she got to be there and walk her sweet daughter down the aisle. :)


Although there were a few raindrops here and there throughout the day... the weather could not have been more perfect for a July wedding! 



Instead of a guestbook, they had their guests sign Jenga blocks! Such a cool idea! 


Providing a plethora of games for their guests created the perfect atmosphere for their relaxed, backyard, picnic reception! 


There was navy, gold, and glitter everywhere! The crayons are a tip of the hat to Jess's profession - teaching. :) 


The lemonade bar was the perfect touch - and absolutely delicious! 


During the reception, I stole the bride and groom away for some sunset photos... 


Because every wedding should have SUNSET PHOTOS! 


This mischievous group had a little too much fun decorating the get-away car... :)

The speeches were AMAZING. Hilarious, sweet, and beautifully executed. 


When is was finally time to say goodbye, Jess and Isaiah headed out under a starry night lit with sparklers... 

And a surprise display of fireworks! :)


Jess and Isaiah, I don't even know where to begin!! Being your friend AND your wedding photographer? It was a dream come true for me! Thank you so much for trusting me with the immense responsibility and privilege of capturing your beautiful day... I hope you are having a wonderful time in Cancun and I can't wait until we get to double date as married couples!! Love you both! :)

Birthdays:: Cari & Silas

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Being the youngest of five siblings means that I have a lot of nieces and nephews. And since not all of them live close (actually, NONE of them live close!), one of the best parts about visiting these little kiddos is the birthday shoots I get to do! My sister Becky has had me photograph her kids ALL from 3 months old, and it's a one-on-one tradition that I just love! :) 

This little lady has grown up SO much since I moved to Kansas. 


The freckles on her cheeks and twinkle in her eye give away that she has a sweet, vivacious personality and infectious giggle. 

blog 1.jpg

But boy... can she be fierce. :)

"Aunt Amanda, I feel SO BEAUTIFUL in this dress!"

blog 2.jpg

Cari, you are becoming a beautiful little lady! 

Oh sweet Silas... I can't wait to see your personality grow as you get older! You're such a thoughtful, observant little fellow, and I can't get enough of your baby rolls. So don't ever lose them. :)

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The Rodriguez Family | Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer

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When it comes to blog posts about my family, finding words to describe our photo shoots is so difficult. It's like trying to describe why the earth is round or why blue is my favorite color. Everything about it seems too obvious or intricate to explain, and when I force myself to try I'm left with a bunch of cheesy, sappy, forced words that seem far too inadequate. 

So here goes my simple attempt...

Mel, Jose, Leo, and Elena, I love you so so much. Thanks for making time for me to come over, for letting me smother your children, and (almost) letting me convince you to move to Kansas. You should come visit soon. :)

Happy Wednesday! 

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