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My favorite office mate

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Pixel is our beagle. That's actually her hashtag too. (#PixelOurBeagle in fact. And yes, we did give our puppy a hashtag.)

it was mostly my fault. Sunil doesn't really do hashtags, but I felt like she has so much personality she needed her own space on the inter-webs. 

We decided to get a puppy about a year ago to try our luck at keeping a real living mammal alive (I kill plants), and after searching for several months, found a litter of beagle puppies at a nearby shelter. Pixel turns one year old next week and we're both so happy that Sunil convinced me to get a dog (I mostly like the convenient and cute things about dogs).

She happily runs the roost around here with her pleading looks, her sweet snuggles, and her friendly ways. She makes friends with our neighbor kids, sniff checks every guest, and ensures that we are aware when an animal runs through our yard. 

She ensures that I take breaks from the hours of computer screen time I spend for my job, and reminds me that while chewed up shoes can be replaced, no amount of money can buy the cutest office mate in the world. Happy almost birthday, Pixel! 

Christy and James | Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer

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It's been years in the making. Christy and James met in college when a mutual friend introduced them and James was immediately intrigued with her sass. He quickly won her over with his huge smile and adorable curly brown hair, and Christy knew this man would be in her life for a long time. 

Christy and I have been friends since forever. I literally have no memory of meeting her - she's just always been there! She is one of the most patient and loyal people I've ever met, and when she told me that James had finally proposed, I literally jumped up and down for joy!! 

Christy's family moved a few hours away when we were little, so we've had a long distance friendship ever since. When she told me she was engaged and gave me the option of just enjoying the day with her or photographing them, I knew I wanted to be their photographer more than anything! If I have the ability to give my close friends a stress-free fun wedding day by being their photographer - I'm all over it! 

Last weekend I met them up in southwestern Minnesota and we wandered around the quiet streets and deserted alleys for their engagement photos. 

Christy has waited a long time for this ring of hers! James worked selflessly and tirelessly to get to the place where he was ready to buy her engagement ring and when he finally proposed, she responded in typical Christy fashion by saying, "Yes please!"

We were having so much fun with their session that we may have accidentally wandered onto private property and were asked to leave... 

But they were too cute to even care and we totally rolled with it. :) 

After exploring the downtown, we headed to James' mom's property - a lovely quiet acreage surrounded by gravel roads and cornfields.

With the most beautiful evening light! 

Seeing as James grew up on a farm, it was only appropriate that we incorporated some machinery, right? 

The day was picturesque, the light was lovely, and these two were so sweet. I could've stayed in that sunset forever. 

Christy and James, I really have no words. I love you both SO much and I'm so honored to be sharing your day with you in this way. Thanks for following me around and listening to all of my crazy ideas and constant chatter. I'm so excited for your wedding day, but even more thrilled that you finally get to spend the rest of your lives together! Love you both! 

The Sutkowski Family | Lifestyle Family Photographer

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A decade is a long time. So much can happen in ten years. People change, families grow, and love can be nurtured and deepened. 

When Stacey emailed me and said that this year she was celebrating ten lovely years of marriage with her sweet husband, I knew our photo shoot would be extra special! 

With the girls in white and the boys in blue suspenders, I just about squealed with delight when we met for their session! 

I MEAN... How precious is this?? 

I love how photogenic these two are!! 

And.... we couldn't call it a photo shoot unless we got mama and her precious little ones! 

So sweet!

When I asked Stacey how they made it ten years, she was beautifully honest: not every season was easy, but they got to make it through everything together. 

And together they will continue to face whatever comes their way. 

It really was a beautiful evening to celebrate their love for each other, and to reminisce about the day ten years ago when they put these rings on each other's fingers and promise that they'd take on life together no matter what it brought them. 

I walked away feeling immense appreciation for this job. For this opportunity to connect with strangers and hear their stories. To catch a glimpse of their connection with a glance and to see the depth of trust with a little hand being held. To play with the kids and swap stories with the parents and learn a little bit more about the beauty of life with each click of my camera. 

And for that, I'm so very thankful. 

Stacey and Justin, THANK YOU so so much for allowing me to capture your family yet again! You two have created such a beautiful family and I simply love spending time with all of you!! Congratulations on your first ten years of marriage, and I can't wait to see what the next ten have in store for you! :)

The Anderson Family | Lifestyle Family Photographer

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There aren't many families who giggle as much as they do. 

It starts with mom and dad, and quickly the infectious laughter makes its way to their children. 


In a home where laughter and adventures are encouraged.... 

Personality flourishes!! (Can't you tell??)

Photographing these crazy four is always such a wild and wonderful event, and I barely have to tell them what to do! 

When we got to our location, this little man came right over and immediately thanked me for photographing his family - apparently he enjoys being in front of the camera... :) 


When choosing the location for our shoot, we wanted a place with unique texture and wide open spaces for the evening sun to stream in. Parking garages may seem like ugly buildings, but photography is all about light, and this place had heaps of soft, lovely sunshine! 

Not to mention lots of giggles! 

So sweet!

I put the kids in charge of helping me make mom and dad smile, but these lovebirds don't need any encouragement. Joy just bubbles out! 

A photo shoot isn't complete without some solid snuggles! 

Erin and Travis, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your lovely family yet again! It's always such a privilege to watch and document the graceful way you interact with your children. Love you guys! :)

The Sjoberg Family | Lifestyle Family Photographer

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Their life right now is a glorious blur. 

With identical twin toddlers underfoot, selling their house, packing, buying a new one, and moving all in one weekend, these two are rockstar parents. (Look at all that adulting!)

In the midst of the craziness, we found time to meet up on my latest trip to Minnesota (email me if you want to know my next MN dates!) for some updated photos of their 14 month old twins! 

Who continue to win me over with their sweet smiles, red hair, and.... 

Their squishy little feet of course! 

Taking time to breathe and play is what makes family sessions the most real and relaxing. 

Taking time to allow children to explore and discover and taste and jump and play and be children. 

I had the privilege of photographing Erik and Elizabeth's wedding almost three whole years ago! And boy oh boy, how time flies! 

As a photographer you get to watch families develop and grow over the years, and it's been so fun to see these two become parents to their little boys. 

Also, how amazing is it that little twin boys can have such different personalities?? They may look the same, but they definitely have such amazing features that make them incredibly unique. 

Just look at those faces... :) 

Married for three years and still love to cuddle!! 

I'll be honest: just when I could easily tell the twins apart, mom and dad decided to change their outfits and I got completely messed up again! 

(Speaking of shirts, aren't those Wild One shirts adorable?? I want twelve.)

Erik and Elizabeth, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your family yet again!! It's such a privilege to document your life and I can't wait to see your new house in person soon! :)