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Brian and Melinda | Lifestyle Kansas City Photographer

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Recently, Sunil and I joined my immediate family on vacation in South Dakota - the Black Hills! While we were there, my brother Brian and his lovely wife asked me to do a photo shoot while we were in SUCH a beautiful location!! I LOVED being able to photograph them in such a different location then I normally photograph in. Just check out those woods!! :)

Unfortunately, it rained the majority of our time together... so we ended up doing our photo shoot very last minute. We literally just stopped on the side of the road a few miles away from Mt Rushmore and wandered into the woods! 

Thankfully, Brian and Melinda carry their awesome-sauce with them everywhere they go... and they tend to be in adorable and matching clothing every day! ;)

The rocks were so so cool!


Her boots are so awesome! 

This is Brian's gazing face... ;) 

Awww.... :)

After we did their photos in the woods, they requested some photos around our campfire - to get the full camping experience!! 

Melinda has impeccable taste in details! 

Brian and Melinda, thank you for letting me photograph you and for being flexible with the crazy weather!! I love you guys so much! :)

Summer Vacation | Lake Tahoe

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Travel is something I don't get to do a lot of, but I'm SO thankful for the opportunities that come my way. This summer I had the opportunity to shoot weddings on both ends of the country - New Jersey and California! Travel is always so much more fun when you're with friends, and I had so much fun adventuring with my wonderful friend Allison. :) When two photographers go on vacation you know you're going to end up with a LOT of photos - so I've done my very best to narrow down my favorites. :)

The first weekend we shot one of my weddings in New Jersey and got a chance to wander down to the beach! Yay water! :)

You're so cute, Allison! :)

The second week, I got to second shoot with Allison with one of her weddings in Lake Tahoe! The day after the wedding, our husbands flew in to join us for a week long vacation together - yay for rest. :)

During the week we got to climb up and down a beautiful mountain. The view up top was spectacular and the water below was gorgeous! 

Of course we did couple shots... and of course Sunil pretended to propose.... :)

The weather was picture perfect, and Sunil and I enjoyed the non-humid sunshine as often as we could. 

Yay for being adults and mini golfing! 


We spent as much time at the beach as our sunburned shoulders would allow... :)

And then we did a big fun photo shoot the evening of our last day together! 

Allison's skirt was SO CUTE!! 

Aww... :)

We couldn't get over how beautiful the lake was!! Made me wish we could take some bodies of water back to Kansas with us... 

So thankful for such lovely adventures! :)

Ten Years

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Today is my 24th birthday (yay birthdays!), and this week has caused me to think a lot about long-time friendships. Specifically... my husband, Sunil. :) 

You see, last week we celebrated our ten year meet-a-versary. It's been a DECADE since we've met!! How crazy is that?? Sunil and I were great friends for years before we even started dating, and I'm convinced that is one of the reasons we've had such a great foundation in our marriage. He's still my best friend. :) 

This is what we looked like ten years ago (with a few our siblings).... 

And after we started dating 4 years ago (my most flattering photo to date!)... 

And the crazy things we did with our crazy friends while dating (yay clash dates!!).... 

After we were engaged... 

Our wedding... (wedding images by the fabulous Melissa Jill!)

And our latest anniversary photos!! (Thanks to the fabulous Aaron Phelps Photography!)


After all this time, he's still my favorite person to hang out with. Thanks for being my bestie, Sunil! Here's to another decade of friendship! :)

Bronte & Jeremy | DIY Minnesota Wedding

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Jeremy said it was love at first sight. Maybe it was the way she lit up a room when she walked in, or the way her smile radiated joy and life. Either way, he knew he was smitten from the first time he met her, and immediately started scheming ways to make Bronte his girl.

Bronte was drawn to his shy and caring personality,  He was the funniest man she had ever met, and was irresistibly  drawn toward his sweet Georgian charm. When he started breaking through the walls and barriers she had put up to protect her heart, she knew she was falling in love... and couldn't imagine giving her heart to anyone else.

Bronte and Jeremy proclaimed their love in front of family and friends this last Saturday, in my home town of Delano, Minnesota! It was such a privilege to witness their commitment and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful August day! :)

Jeremy gave Bronte THE most unique ring I'd ever seen - and it totally fit with her country girl style. :)

Bronte was a bundle of nerves before the ceremony, but her sweet girlfriends were there to make everything right. 

So stunning!!

Jeremy has such an intense gaze - love this!! 

We started with photos of Bronte and her girls, and I thought her bridesmaids looked SO lovely in their short dresses and cowboy boots!


Bronte, you were such a beautiful bride!! 


Jeremy and the guys looked relaxed and comfortable on this hot day.... 

And were so supportive to Jeremy! :)

Such a sweet laugh!


Jeremy and Bronte didn't see each other before the ceremony, but had specific vows they wanted to share with each other... so we arranged a private meeting. They were so excited for the ceremony! 

Jeremy was super emotional when he first saw his bride! 

Yay married!! 

It was so fun to celebrate with everyone after the ceremony!! 

We took some time to steal away the happy couple for a few minutes before the reception began... 

They were so so thrilled to finally be married. :) 


LOVE this silhouette! 

Bronte, you are something fierce!! 

The reception took place in a tent following the ceremony, and Bronte and her family had decorated everything to southern charm perfection. 

The first dances were extremely emotional... and left everyone in tears.

But once the dancing started... 

They didn't want it to end!! 

Jeremy and Bronte, what a gorgeous wedding you had! Thank you so much for allowing me to photographing such a special day for you two, and I hope you have a lovely week settling into your new home. Much love to you both! :) 

The Dickinson Family | Kansas City Lifestyle Family Photographer

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They wanted graffiti, she said. Something different than their last photo shoot with me, something that showed their crazy side. :)


Their kids are older now... 

With more giggle and spice and laughter. 

So we found the perfect spot, and begged grandma and grandpa to join us! (Aren't they so adorable??)

blog 1.jpg

(I swear these two get sweeter every day!!)

One of the things I just love about this family is that they really love just spending time with their kids - right where they're at. 

They see potential, creativity, and life in their little personalities and cultivate every second. 

And even though the moments of stillness are few and far between... 

We got to capture movement and joy and laughter. 

And love. 

Lots of love. :)

Mike and Jen, you guys have THE BEST family. It was such an honor to capture your joy and laughter and personality and see you guys love on your kids. Thank you so much for being awesome friends! Love you!! :)