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Josh and Lauren | Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer

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It began in high school: she had a secret crush on him... and he tried to pretend she didn't exist. 

But Josh couldn't ignore her for long... not with her sacrificial love for people and her incredible smile.


They ended high school as friends, and although life took them in different directions, they stayed in touch; growing in their ability to lean on each other and share life's difficulties together. 

Ten years went by without much contact, but God was doing incredible things in each of their lives! 

One day, after a simple "Happy Thanksgiving!" and two months of trying to schedule and reschedule a coffee date (Lauren INSISTS that her stove really did catch on fire and forced her to reschedule - it wasn't a fake excuse!), Josh stepped out of his comfort zone to make his move and Lauren melted inside. 

The following months have a whirlwind of happy memories and continual reminders of why they are SO perfect for each other!


I'm THRILLED to photograph their wedding in April and I can't wait to see this look of complete joy on Lauren's face as she marries the man of her dreams!!

We met up for engagement photos in Parkville last weekend and I drooled over her ring - SO gorgeous! 

One of the things I LOVE about Lauren and Josh's relationship is their ease and comfort with each other. Their decade of friendship has created a huge foundation for their love and it's so evident that they are completely relaxed in each other's company. 

Josh and Lauren... you know we love you guys!! I'm SO SO excited to see what God does in your lives in the next year, and the rest of your lives! Thanks so much for letting me a part of your special day - I can't wait!! :) 

Winter lights

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Every few months I wander down to one of my favorite places in Kansas City - Union Station.

With the city skyline in view, a beautiful friend at my side, and the sun saying it's farewell on the horizon... winter feels more bearable. 

Especially when there are Christmas lights. Lots and lots of Christmas lights!! :)


I'm convinced that lights make the city a lovely place to be. 


Even in the winter. 

The Draper Family | Kansas City Lifestyle Family Photographer

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She found me through a crazy set of circumstances online... and when she emailed me to ask if I could do newborn/family photos, I was SO excited! They graciously invited me into their home to celebrate the birth of their newest son - George! We spent the morning chatting about life and motherhood and I made friends with this handsome boy. :)

He's SUCH a great big brother! 

blog 1.jpg

The light in their dining room was soft and beautiful. 

Baby George slept the entire morning, and was always being covered in kisses... :)

Doesn't mama look amazing? I can't believe she had a baby a week ago! 

Brent and Lanie, thank you SO much for letting me into your home to photograph your sweet family! It was wonderful to meet your sweet boys, and I can't wait to document them as they grow up. :) Enjoy the photos!

Best of 2014

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What a year.

After taking a break in December, I decided to look back through my photos in 2014; it was SO rewarding! Every year I put it off thinking it's going to be a massive chore, and every year I find that it's an amazing trip down memory lane. The people I got to meet, the places I got to go, and the incredible relationships I got to capture are breathtaking.

This is a collection of my favorite images from 2014. Some of these are personal, while others are actual photography sessions. There's no rhyme or reason as to why I chose these photos... just that these moved me when I saw them, and made me feel something deep within. 

I'm SO excited to continue to capture deep emotion and to enjoy this beautiful year ahead. :)

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The Patton Family | Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer

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Winter is my slow season - a time to rest and think and brainstorm and prepare. 

But sometimes there are those brave folks that invite me into their homes for lifestyle sessions! 

These are some of my favorite because everyone is SO relaxed... 

And on this particular day, we cozied up into bed, started a fire, and watched the first snowflakes of the season fall. 

These boys have been delighted with their new baby sister (affectionately nicknamed, the Tiny Child), and this little man holds her as often as mom will let him! 

And holy cow... that serious look and those deep eyes? I almost didn't want to coax the laugh out him!! :)

blog 1.jpg

And also... those little feet are just plain adorable! :)

No big deal - just sitting on the kitchen floor holding a sweet baby. Nothing new here. :)

Near the end of our morning together, I tasked my husband with entertaining the little ones and convinced these two love birds to cuddle!


Not that they minded. :)

Aaron and Amanda, thanks so much for letting me crash your Saturday morning and photograph your adorable selves! LOVED getting to hang out with you - enjoy your photos! :)