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2016 Self Portraits | Kansas City Lifestyle Family Photographer

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Each year for our anniversary I try to set up my camera and take a self portrait of me and my favorite Indian for our never-ending photo frame. Sometimes we're on the ball and get our photo done within a few weeks of our anniversary, and other times it doesn't happen for six months. This year, as a tribute to our growing family (not pregnant!), we decided to add in our adorable little pup - #PixelOurBeagle - because she's cute and we like her (enough to have her own hashtag).

It usually takes many attempts to get it right.... especially now that we have a puppy in the mix. But I always love the result: me and my husband and my pup and our very own home and our journey encased in a little 8x10 frame. 

Taking self portraits always makes me extra reflective, and so today I'm reflecting on how incredibly thankful I am to be taking a journey with this man, how thrilled I am to have a home that I can open to those in need, and how much I love having a snuggly puppy who teaches me how immeasurably impatient I am (and how I'm SO not ready for kids). 

Have a lovely Wednesday!