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Abby and Dave - Duluth Wedding

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Wow. Where do I begin?

Abby and Dave got married in Duluth on a beautiful September afternoon....

with lots of little details...

lots of history...

And hugs all around.

When Abby slipped magically into her dress...

I almost forgot to take pictures. Just look how gorgeous she is!!

Graceful. Completely graceful.

The support from her friends and family was incredible....

Meanwhile, Dave was looking quite dapper.

And when all the details came together...

The first moment was beautiful.

You couldn't help but see complete contentment on their faces.

Their day had come.

(THIS is Abby and Dave in a nutshell... :)

Mm. Fierce.

Adding the bridal party made everything a ton of fun... these people weren't afraid of a good time!!

Work it!

And of course... the guys couldn't be out-done.

I think they had might have had more fun then Josh and I did... :)

Believe me... Abby and Dave weren't afraid to let their personalities out!

Prayer was as huge part of their day... I love seeing couples being prayed over!

That look.

And that smile.

YAY!! :)

After the wedding, we took a few minutes by the lake....

Ever seen a bride and groom do that?  (Me neither!!)

And even though it was frightfully cold...

They were both bubbling with excitement!

Details and homemade touches covered their reception hall....

(Not to mention an amazing cookie bar!!)

(And we made them kiss a lot)

The night was filled with plenty of laughs...

Embarrassing speeches...

Cake fighting (yay for cake fighting!)....

And intimate moments.

Did I mention they had a rockin' awesome dance??

They had a rockin' awesome dance. :)

It all ended too soon.... but not before Josh and I got a lot of dancing in! :)

Abby and Dave, thank you SOO much for letting us be a part of your day!! What a huge blessing it was to watch you both commit yourselves to Christ and follow Him no matter what. I'm so excited for what He's going to do with and through you both. Congrats again!! :)