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Abigail and Luis | Lifestyle Photographer

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Abigail and Luis contacted me several months ago to do photos of the two of them! They're not engaged (we'll stop any rumors right now!), but every couple needs some sweet photos of the two of them, right?? 

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So we picked the hottest night in August and wandered around the Plaza together! Ok, so we didn't pick the hottest night on purpose... but it was BRUTAL. (It was so bad that we did a forehead wipe before each photo.) 

Through it all, these guys were such troopers! How can two people be SO sweet in such hot weather?? :)

Abigail and Luis have such calm, content and steady composures... they were literally up for any idea I had! 

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They've been dating for many years, and were friends at church long before that. You can just tell that these two really know each other - there's such a depth to their relationship! 


And I just love how he makes her giggle... :)


Abigail, you are STUNNING! 


Abigail and Luis, thanks so much for letting me hang out with you for an evening!! I had so much fun!! :)