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AJP goes international!!

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It was Monday night. I was waiting on one of my Vacation Bible School kids to finish up in the bathroom(more photos from that coming later this week!), and I had a new email - an email from someone I didn't know. I opened it, and the second line said, "First, my name is Lydiane. I'm from Brazil."

I just about fell over....

Lydiane and her friend Natalia both emailed me this week - my very first international fans. :) They found my website through the fabulous Melissa Jill when she photographed our wedding back in March, and have been fans ever since! In Natalia's words: "I just want to tell you, with my words, that you became a example of women, bride and wife."

It's been a rough week here, and my heart has been warmed by Natalia and Lydiane's encouraging words. Aren't they adorable? Yay for my first international fans!! :)