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Alex and Anneke - Minnesota backyard wedding

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They couldn't have picked a better day, or a better place to celebrate their marriage. Every detail was so personal, and so... THEM.

Alex and Anneke. :)

Anneke got ready in Alex's parent's house... they were married in the backyard. Everything felt so comfortable, and we instantly felt like family!

Anneke loves black and white, and red accents! :)

Gorgeous girlies! :)

Alex totally pimped out the shoes... custom, no less!!

Gosh, just LOOK at how adorable they are! :)

I was so glad Anneke and Alex saw each other before the wedding... it made everyone's life so much easier, and things went so smoothly!

We spent the most time getting beautiful images of just them two - while they were still fresh. :)

And... like always... we had a blast with the wedding party!Β  I'm truly blessed when the entire group loves to have a good time and joke around... and we do plenty of both. :)

Because the yard was so beautiful (Theron and Cynthia outdid themselves)Β  we had plenty of areas to move around and shoot in!

Moments before she walked down the aisle... Anneke HAD to check Facebook - and upload a photo or two... :)

Look at those cute table favors! Alex proudly informed me that he worked hard to make them...

So many moments...

(Anneke was an amazing bride... what bride will let her groom smash cake in her face??)

Alex LOVED to dance...

And judging from the moves his mom was throwing down... he runs in the family! :)

Pure bliss.


Congratulations, Alex and Anneke! I was so blessed to work with both of you! May God continue to bless your lives together! :)