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Big News!

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You may have seen that I've been pretty absent from blogging for the last few months... well... that's because growing a human baby IS EXHAUSTING! Yep - you guessed it, we're pregnant!! Surprise! :)

Sunil and I have always wanted to have kids, but we never really felt ready (meaning: I never really felt ready). Truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of change. I really enjoy my work, freedom, and our life together as a young married couple has been the best thing that ever happened to either one of us! I was terrified of being a mom (still am!), worried about infertility (all of the "what ifs"), and dreaded pregnancy sickness (turns out, I was right - it's the worst). 

Also, I really love sleeping. I hear that doesn't happen for a while once you start having kids. :)

But Sunil and I both knew this is something we wanted to do, and we've heard being a mom and dad does come with a few perks. :) And if we waited until we felt ready... we knew we would never start! So we decided to dive right into the fears and unknowns and give it a try! 

We found out we were pregnant on April 30th, and it's been a blur ever since. Morning sickness hit me like a TRUCK just a few days later and I feel like I've been throwing up non-stop ever since! It's been getting better the last few weeks and for that I'm so thankful! 

In order to try to answer all of the questions that will probably be asked, here is a great list of fun facts! 

- Yes, of course we're super excited! I didn't feel anything other than sickness for the first four months, so the happiness is just starting to kick in for me. (Give me a break - it was hard to be happy about something that made me feel dreadful! #Hormonal) Sunil has been all smiles since the beginning and has been a HUGE help in taking care of me and making me rest. He's the best. 

- Our due date is December 26th! We're still taking bets whether it will be a 2017 or 2018 baby. (Hmm... tax break for this year or insurance deductible met for next year? Both are tempting!) 

- I'm officially 16 weeks along (and a few days). My belly is mostly food (#cravings), but I stuck it out for pictures just for fun! :) 

- We've decided to not find out the gender! Neither one of us feel really strongly about finding out the sex of the baby, so we've decided to wait until we can hold it! Also, neither one of us has a big hope on what it ends up being. When posed the question, "What do you want?", we usually respond with, "A baby!" :) 

- The first round of names have been picked out, but we're not telling anyone! Mostly because they could probably change quite a bit in the next few months. Also... how intimidating is it to give a child a name that they'll have for the rest of their LIFE?? No pressure. 

- Because I'm extremely low risk and my family's wonder women have a great history of natural births, we're using a local birth center, midwife, and are just about to start interviewing doulas! If you have doula recommendations, send them our way! 

Yes, I had/have morning sickness. More like all-day sickness. I'm FINALLY feeling better and not throwing up all the time, so I'm hoping this second trimester will yield more energy and less vomiting/ab work outs! 

- No, our baby will probably not have blue hair. Oddly enough... this is actually a question that we've been asked many times... Do people know how that works? ;) (Hopefully it has hair though! Hairy babies are so cute!) 

As always, we're trusting that God is in control of all our plans, dreams, and hopes. So we'll take each day as it comes and pray that we get to keep this precious baby safe for as long as possible! Yay babies!! :)