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Birthdays:: Cari & Silas

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Being the youngest of five siblings means that I have a lot of nieces and nephews. And since not all of them live close (actually, NONE of them live close!), one of the best parts about visiting these little kiddos is the birthday shoots I get to do! My sister Becky has had me photograph her kids ALL from 3 months old, and it's a one-on-one tradition that I just love! :) 

This little lady has grown up SO much since I moved to Kansas. 


The freckles on her cheeks and twinkle in her eye give away that she has a sweet, vivacious personality and infectious giggle. 

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But boy... can she be fierce. :)

"Aunt Amanda, I feel SO BEAUTIFUL in this dress!"

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Cari, you are becoming a beautiful little lady! 

Oh sweet Silas... I can't wait to see your personality grow as you get older! You're such a thoughtful, observant little fellow, and I can't get enough of your baby rolls. So don't ever lose them. :)

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