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Brian and Melinda

Couples, PortraitsAmanda Mohinani2 Comments

This is Brian.


My brother. The stud.



Brian's in love with his car - Scarlet. (Yes. He named her.)



All was fine and dandy until.... Brian found a girl.



Enter, Melinda!



She's sweet, adorable, and insanely wonderful in the kitchen.


Mostly wonderful all the way around...


And Brian apparently thinks so too!



But he's still convincing her of that.




They are, of course, an unusually adorable couple together.


They laugh and giggle a lot. (Yay!)



But... Brian's a dork.


(I love you, Brian! I really do!)



And, therefore, must be treated like one.


(Pretty sure she's the woman for the job.)



Sometimes he's easily convinced to be civil....



There's some sort of magic about her I guess...



And, I suppose... they're pretty cute sometimes...



Oh wait. There they go again...



Sigh... goofballs...



I have high hopes for them. Someday they might be normal!



We'll see.



It could happen....



Anything's possible.