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Brian and Melinda | Engagement session at Big Stone Mini Golf

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When I asked them how they met, they said... "It's complicated." You may wonder, how complicated can it be? Brian met Melinda through texting.



Yes, texting.



It was through a mutual friend of theirs that they started texting back and forth... "pretending" to be dating.



Except they were really good at pretending.



And even though they had only texted and never met, they knew something was different.



So they took the next step. Phone calls.



And then Skype.



And then, a few months later, they actually met in person.



When I asked Melinda what her first impression was of my big brother, she said, "I liked his beard."



Apparently she liked more than his beard, or Brian just used his winsome ways to woo this wonderful woman. (That's a lot of w's!) But either way, she stuck around.



And some thousands of text messages later... they're getting married.



My big "little" brother is getting hitched... the last one in our family.



These two are getting married right outside of Chicago in about 2 months... and I'm SUPER excited to be photographing their wedding!



When I asked them where we should do their engagement session, Melinda came up with this fantastic idea to go toΒ Big Stone Mini Golf!



The light was fantastic, the scenery was beautiful, and the couple was hilarious!!



Brian is such a lucky man...



Melinda is SUCH a sweetheart. :)



She challenges him to be adventurous, makes him incredible meals with her handy-dandy Culinary Arts Degree (you scored big, Brian!), and totally gets his goofy nature.



And Brian.... well... Brian has really good taste in rings. Brian is a goof. Brian interviewed with Google. (Brian is a Norman, which basically means that he has genius in his blood). Brian absolutely adores Melinda.



They tromped in the woods...



Danced in the road...



Laughed together...



And were just plain adorable.



Congrats, Brian and Melinda! Praying for you as your big day approaches! I love you both bunches... :)