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Calcamuggio Family | Signs that you may be a photogenic family...

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26 signs you may be a photogenic family.  

1. Your kids run from the camera.



2. You look at your children - not through them.



3. Little boys that goof off are hugged into submission.


4. Color makes no difference.



5. Smiles are a natural part of faces.



6. You're not afraid of genuine (come ON - I dare you to show me kids that don't act like this....).



7. You still laugh together.



8. You make beautiful babies.



9. Your boys can hold their own.



10. Your kids don't always match (as in like matchy matchy).



11. You still giggle when you kiss.



12. Their spirits aren't crushed, but cherished.



13. There's always one good one.



14. Momma is always the finish line to any race.



15. You drive a much loved suburban.



16. You have compassion on the orphans.



17. Your kids love to read.



18. You homeschool (YAY for homeschoolers!).



19. Your kids use their imaginations.



20. An apple a day...



21. Your boy is treated like the boy that he is...



22. Hand sanitizer is for wussies.



23. Your children are real people. With souls and personalities and independence.



24. Every other blue moon... your children play together nicely.



25. Your heart is full.



26. And you're completely content just seeing her smile at you.


You can identify with one? Your family must be photogenic! Let's do photos right away... :)


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