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Chris + Alicia | Slayton, MN Wedding

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We had never met before. Alicia contacted me through a mutual friend earlier last winter... and even though we tried several times to meet, our schedules never lined up. But I still felt like family.

Chris and Alicia were married last Friday in beautiful Slayton, MN on a crisp September day. The two met through Youth Encounter... and loved serving alongside each other so much that they decided to do it forever! Chris won Alicia over with his calm, his patience, his integrity, and his faith in Jesus. Chris was smitten with Alicia (as most of us are) because of her incredible laugh, her awesome sense of adventure and her ability to make anyone feel loved... like family. And that's what they did. They made me feel like family.

(Don't believe me? Get this: Alicia invited me to her bachelorette party the night before her wedding. And we had never even met. Still don't believe me?)



Alicia got ready at her parents house in Fulda, where they'd lived for many years.






And she won me over with the Toms... seriously, girl!!



I told her that if I ever got remarried (not planning on it, babe!)... I would pick her dress.



It. Was. Stunning.












The music at their wedding was phenomenal! I've been a musician all my life and I had to make myself stop jamming with them and actually take pictures!



Bling bling!! :)















The windows at this church were phenomenal... I've never had such a lovely space to photograph a bride getting into her dress!















There were many sweet moments like this... Alicia is so close to her family!



Alicia and Chris took my recommendation and opted for a first look.



I was so glad they did!!


















Love this look - all is right in your world when you're with him, girl. :)









Did I mention they had a hilarious bridal party?



They were all SO incredibly sweet...



And incredibly beautiful. :)









(How many girls does a bride need to take her to the bathroom? Three, apparently!)



Sweet moments before the processional...















And many many loving glances like this one were sprinkled throughout the ceremony...






WOOHOO!! They're hitched! :)









Now, this is Slatyon, MN. As in... "almost-Iowa", MN. We HAD to stop at a cornfield! (My assistant, Josh, comes up with the best ideas!)






Her laugh is so beautiful...



After the cornfield we hopped over to downtown Fulda for some more pictures!









And found some gorgeous light to work with...















The reception was decked out with purple and orange... such fun colors!!






Lots of laughs...






Lots of speeches...



Lots of kissing...



Lots of family...



And lots of dancing... (And lots of big band music - Fulda Area Big Band is the best!!)







Alicia and Chris, thank you, so much for allowing Josh and I to photograph your wedding day. I was so blessed by your warm hearts and so encouraged by your love for Jesus. Praising God that He brought you together, and praising Him lots that I could be there to witness it. Much love to you both! :)