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Daddy, yesterday was Father's day. Yesterday was the first Father's day that I wasn't with you. You were in Minneapolis, I was in Kansas City. It's scary to think about next year - where you might be and where I might be. But what's scarier to me is what might happen in between. Between yesterday and next year. Between today and the next time I see you.

You don't think like that. You're different than most people, dad. Your focus is now. The impact you can make for eternity, now. The people who need you, now. The family you love, now. Moments of weakness? You have them too. But your life is marked by endurance. Courage. Legacy.

Few people see that legacy more intimately than your family; and I'm blessed to be one of them. I'm blessed to call you my daddy.

Happy belated Father's Day, daddy! And may you see many, many more. :)