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Don and Alice | Kansas City Legacy Photographer

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It was her Grandma Alice's birthday, and I asked if I could tag along when Sara went to visit... You can learn so much from people who have been married for 67 years. Sara is really close with her grandparents and I loved getting the chance to just sit and be with them!!

Their home is full of memories and I found myself wondering what kinds of stories the walls were hiding... :)

Alice is a strong, compassionate, peppery (it's totally a word!) woman who loves her family fiercely. She did NOT like the idea of being photographed when she wasn't looking her best... but I convinced her that her life is worth celebrating no matter what she's wearing. :)

Don is a tough, sweet, flirtatious man, and there's always a twinkle in his eye! :)

Alice wasn't feeling well enough to go outside for pictures, so we just hung out inside and looked at old photo albums. 

Happy belated birthday, Alice! Thanks for letting me tag along to visit your grandparents, Sara!! :)