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Enjoy your day

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Warning: If you do not have a sense of humor, this blog post is not for you.

Please, for your own safety... don't read this.


Josh and I love to shoot weddings.

It's fun, challenging, and extremely rewarding! Plus, we get to hang out with a bunch of awesome people (such as yourselves) and experience one of the most important days of their life!! What better privilege? :)

Josh and I take our job very seriously.

We understand how important your day is.

And we understand that, of course, it's your wedding day....

Why play games?

We don't monkey around.

"Fun" is not in our vocabulary.

And we strive, above all else, to remain dignified.

After all, there's nothing to rejoice about. Especially at a wedding.

But sometimes..... the 100 degree weather goes to our heads... and we get a little crazy...


All fun and games aside, it really is an awesome honor to be apart of such a powerful day. I literally get chills every time the couple is introduced for the first time... (Josh will tell you that I tear up at every father-daughter dance... It's true!)

What an incredible moment!! :)

We rejoice with you. We laugh with you. We play with you. We take "breathing breaks" with you. We experience your day with you. And guess what? We have a blast doing it. :)

We believe in having fun.

It's your day - enjoy it!