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Filled with awe

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This is Melissa. She's my sister.  


Melissa and Jose are about to have a little baby boy.



Or... as my family says it, a little "milk-dud"....



You see, Jose is Dominican, and since Melissa isn't extremely blond either.... we've decided they're going to have a little "Mexican" boy.



With lots of curly black hair, dark skin, and radical blue eyes.



At least... that's what  I'm imagining him to look like (can Mexican's even have blue eyes? Oh wait... he's not Mexican)...



Maybe it's just the blue dress.



Anyway, when I was in town for Jeremy and Rebecca's wedding I carved out some time to take her maternity photos.



We went to a friend's farm and roamed the barns, fields, and wood piles.



And while I had elaborate plans to do multiple outfits, crazy awesome poses, and intense baby close-ups... I kind of realized something.



These pictures are just as much for Melissa, as they are for the adorable baby bump.



A time for her to feel like a woman - pampered and beautiful. Time to let the intense reality sink in - she's carrying a new life.



'Cause really... who feels extraordinarily beautiful and special and filled with awe when they're 37 weeks pregnant? (That's a legit question, I wouldn't honestly know!)



But she is. Extraordinarily beautiful, special and filled with awe.



Don't you think?