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Going to Maine!

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It's official. :) I can't wait to photograph Chris and Alexa's beautiful nautical/beach wedding tomorrow - here in Maine! Sunil and I have known Chris and Alexa for over a year now, and have loved getting to know them in our small group at church. SUCH a sweet couple - you won't want to miss their wedding photos. :)



Since Sunil and I have never been to Maine, we've decided to make a big vacation out of it! To make things even better, 4 of our friends from small group decided to come for the wedding as well, and we're all renting a Victorian house for the week! I am BEYOND excited!!

It was an early morning wake up call for us (3:30 am!) this morning, but we made it here safely earlier this afternoon. I say we deserve a nap.


Not only because we got up early, but also because we lugged a million extra pounds of suitcases! Sunil and i got two free checked bags with Southwest, so our not-as-fortunate friends decided to load us up with their belongings. I kinda felt like I was moving to Maine.



But it was all worth it when we drove up to our rental home for the week - THIS beauty!! Complete with concert piano, secret passage way, and wrap around porch. :)

Now, you'll excuse me... I have some exploring to do. :)
Have a beautiful Fourth of July!