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Granny Patsy

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We go on adventures.... me and him; him and me.

We like people too. So when this sweet lady from church invite us over we couldn't say no.

She made us Frito Tacos.

And served us ice tea in jars.

Her kitchen smelled like grandmas and afghans.

And when she would get a phone call, I would sneak a picture or two.... all sneaky like.

But then. Then she started showing us her home, her memories, her life.

She showed us the things she's done, the people she's met, and the places she's been. The stories poured from her as if she was reliving them all over again. Stories of Mama, stories of hurt, stories of hard times.

We started having conversations about church, sin, and family (and the delicious Mexican wedding cake!).

She even showed me how to crochet a bit.

Patsy was an incredibly beautiful woman. And an amazingly strong woman too. Not many people could handle the life she lived with such grace and dignity.

This is Patsy. She's feisty, compassionate,  and strong.

And she is now my Granny Patsy.