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Happy birthday, Mom!

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Today is a a pretty awesome day to celebrate - my mother was born 60 years ago! Happy birthday, mom! :)


Now, for those of you that have never met my mother, there are a few things you need to know. Unfortunately, I don't have time for all of my favorite things about my mom, but here are just a few: 

1. She is beautiful. Let me tell you, my mom makes aging look easy. The smile wrinkles on her face? She's earned every single one. And because of my parents' incredibly healthy lifestyle, she looks absolutely radiant every single day. Someday when I have five kids and ten grandchildren, I hope I look as amazing as she does. 

2. She is resilient. When your husband is suddenly diagnosed with terminal cancer, life gets REAL. Yet through all the stress, anxiety, unknowns, and what-ifs, my mom's strength and faith in God has never wavered. Her quiet spirit and inner peace has helped lead my family through some really dark times, and I'm so so thankful for her. 


3. She is a legacy. Like most women my age, the older I get the more I act like my mother! But unlike some women, I absolutely love it. When people tell me how much I look or act just like my mom, it truly is a HUGE compliment (duh - did I mention she's beautiful?). My mother is productive, compassionate, self-less, generous, protective, and so so strong! The legacy that she leaves for her children and grandchildren is a lovely one and I'm so so proud to call her my mother. 


And I know I show these photos of my parents ALL the time... but I just adore how lovely, fresh and young my mom looks. :) 


Happy 60th birthday, mom!! I hope you have such a beautiful day - love you so much! :)