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Headshots : Josh Bauder

Amanda MohinaniComment

Last week I got to reconnect with an old friend - Josh Bauder! My husband Sunil and Josh went to high school together, and Josh and I have been playing music together for years. He's even written me a piece or two! :) That's right - Josh is an amazing composer and has been since high school. Talk about a genius; this guy is waaay too smart! When he isn't writing, reading, studying, or dreaming about music, Josh enjoys wooing the old ladies at the nearby nursing home and long walks on the (frozen Minnesotan) beach.... :)

Since Josh is getting a whole lot more business composing and performing (go check out his website!), he needed some amazing headshots... and of course called me up. :) So where do you go for a session in the middle of winter in MN? A parking garage of course! 

Thanks so much for braving the cold with me, Josh! :) 

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