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If you fall in love with an Indian...

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If you fall in love with an Indian... you'll probably get married.  


And at your wedding... people will give you giftcards.



And you'll probably get a few restaurant giftcards.



And one day... when you both need some time together, you'll use one.



And make it into an adventure.



And put away the phones and distractions and have good conversations about life and marriage and other adultness.



And make some memories. And take some pictures.



And while you're at it... you'll probably splurge and get an appetizer. Even though you don't normally get an appetizer. But this time you will.



And partway through your conversation... you'll realize... that you're married.



And all of the long distance, the waiting, the planning, the hoping, the dreaming... it's all done.




It finally happened. You're all grown up. Married. Doing life with this Indian in front of you....



And those are the best kind of dates.