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Jeff + Kelli | Fayetteville, NC Wedding

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The processional music started and people stood, but Jeff stood with his eyes closed. He waited until he heard the doors open, then looked up and met the eyes of his beautiful bride. He instantly began to cry. Then she started crying. Then I started crying. Maybe that's why I loved them so much... Jeff was the groomsmen in our wedding and is very close with Sunil, so when he asked me to photograph his own wedding, I couldn't have been more thrilled! I didn't know Jeff or Kelli very well leading up to the wedding, but after attending the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner (Sunil was the best man, so I was graciously included), they felt like my own family. The light in North Carolina was beautiful to work with, and the entire day went off without a hitch. Simply gorgeous.

Kelli and Jeff met at camp several years ago, and then again at college. They both have incredibly unique stories - the way that God brought them together is nothing short of His grace!



Most brides design their weddings to make a big impression. Kelli and Jeff worked hard to make their day about relationships. From the details, to the people involved, everything was intentionally planned to surround them with those that meant the most in their lives. And isn't that what a wedding should be?



Kelli got ready surrounded by her family. Her and her sisters are very close.






Such a brave girl; those heels were intimidatingly gorgeous!



Isn't her ring stunning? Jeff did such a good job on it! (And I LOVE the circle!)









Sweet moments with her sisters filled the morning of preparation.












It took several moments for Kelli to realize this was actually HER wedding.























Kelli and Jeff wanted their first look to be during the ceremony, so we did girls and guys portraits separately beforehand.



Such a beauty!



Her grandmother designed the bouquet and insisted that Jeff not see it until the "big moment"!



Even though it was December, North Carolina gave us beautiful weather!









Jeff was looking dapper in his custom suit!









And the rest of the guys looked pretty good too (especially that best man!).









Love this sweet moment between them. :)



Once we finished portraits, I captured some of the finishing details of the reception room.



Such a beautiful winter theme!






I loved how their day was full of prayer. Everywhere we went, before everything we did... we prayed. So refreshing!



Saying one more goodbye...






More prayer - loved this family!






Saying goodbye to her last single son.



This. Face. Is. Priceless. (And then he started crying.)






The wedding was short and sweet, full of intimate moments!






And before you knew it... they were man and wife!!









And then all stress left the building. :)






We just had a few minutes for bridal party pictures, but we managed to grab some priceless shots! :)












The guys did a fabulous job decorating the car with sticky notes!



Wouldn't this be a perfect marketing ad for Post-It?? :)



Before you knew it... the day was done...



And they were sent off!






Because of the schedule, we moved portraits of just the two of them to the end - after they drove off!



It was so nice seeing them relax and take a deep breath - they were married!



I had found an easily accessible field with some gorgeous trees...



And it made for a beautiful backdrop.









You could just see all the tension leave Kelli's face...



So adorable!




















Jeff and Kelli, first of all - congratulations!! Thank you so much for allowing me the amazing privilege of photographing your wedding. It was an honor and sheer delight to get to know your families! Jeff, I hope you're having a fabulous birthday today! :) Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon, and may God continue to bless your lives in beautiful ways. Love you guys!