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Jessica and Charlie | Wedding Lifestyle Photographer

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Eager and enthusiastic. When it came to wedding planning, Jessica was all about the details - everything had a place, and every task got crossed off the list. When it came to her wedding day, Jessica greeted her friends and family with a warmth and excitement that overflowed at every turn. Her love for her groom was about to be forever. 

Confident and relaxed. Charlie loves people, and having all of his favorite people so close to him on such a special day made him almost happier than he could handle! As the warm wishes and toasts poured in throughout the day, the theme was evident: Charlie would do anything for his friends, but he would move heaven and earth for his bride. 

Side note: There were so many crazy connections for me with this wedding! First of all, it was held at the church I grew up attending for 14 years, and oddly enough - photographed my first wedding there! Then, Jessica and I met in junior high through Awana, and Charlie and I met in high school through a Bible study, but until just a few years ago, neither one of them had met! It was the most bizarre and wonderful thing to see two people from two of my completely separate worlds meet each other, fall in love, and get married! 

Jessica was all about the simple, no-fuss details. She didn't want a big gaudy wedding, she wanted all of her friends close, a few beautiful details, and her groom by her side for as long as possible. 

Nonetheless, beautiful and adorable details filled every corner of the church. 


Jessica is an identical twin, and I'm SO thankful that I've known her for enough years to be able to tell the difference between her and Stephanie! (Also, she was the one wearing white...)

So happy!!

For photos, I found an abandoned park just down the street from the church. It covered an entire block with trees, leaves, and gorgeous fall colors! It was exquisite and intimate. 


Love their first look! 

Jessica and Charlie were just giggly the whole day... 

And it showed at every moment. 


I was so glad that we found a few trees with some bright red/orange leaves. It was such a lovely pop of color! 

I LOVED the guys outfits, and the girls dresses looked so comfy and flattering! 


Although Charlie had just seen her a few moments before, he nervously waited for her entrance at the end of the aisle. 

Saying hi to all their wedding guests! 

YAY!! Finally married!! 

Their reception was absolutely like a party - eating good food, while hanging out with people you love, while making the bride and groom kiss as often as possible. 

It was definitely one party they'll remember for the rest of their lives. 

Jessica and Charlie - thank you so so much for opening up your wedding day to allow me to be part of it! It was such a FUN day! I'm so thrilled that God brought you two together, and can't wait for all that He's going to do in your lives in the future. Much love to you both! :)